Zorin layouts and Microsoft patents


I've been a Zorin OS user for a while now and I have a question. Obviously Zorin comes with layouts that provide a near Windows experience, so I was wondering whether those Windows like layouts violate any patents of Microsoft.

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There are Three Conditions :-

  • You can manufacture and sell an identical product in countries where the other product is not patented.
  • You can manufacture or sell an identical product with permission from the patent owner (usually in exchange for a licensing fee)
  • You can manufacture and sell a product that is different enough that it doesn’t infringe on the patent (or any other patent).

Zorin OS runs with Ubuntu Background and can be considered a whole lot different than windows.

The other thing to take into account is the coding, it has not been reverse engineered and whilst it looks similar it is not the same. What is appalling is that M$ uses Linux as part of its Windows desktop from as early as Windows 7. Windows 8 desktop was designed by 2 former Canonical (Ubuntu) employees. The Linux Kernel bears no resemblance to the Windows kernel (thankfully).


I just wanted to provide a bit of clarity by using the Direct Approach:
No, the Zorin OS layouts do not infringe on any copyright or on any patent.


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