Zorin lite not detecting 2.5 SSD eMMC

Hi all
I'm a bit of a newbie using zorin but have a prob on new laptop.
Spec is
Acer aspire 3
1 M.2 slot
1 2.5 ssd bay
Intel i3 tenth gen processor
12gb ram

I installed zorin lite to the m.2 then added a 2.5 ssd but zorin doesn't see it in 'disks' bit lost as to why but am suspecting a bios setting.

Does gparted see the disk?
Or the Disks app in App menu?

Nope, disks app nor a gparted live thumb drive see the disk.
I reinstalled Z lite and the problem remains.
I've now discovered that Z lite won't install to the 2.5" disk but windows will and works ok.
Beats me what is going on.
A hidden Acer bios setting maybe?

By the way the Acer has insyde bios.

Check if you use ahci or raid

ahci is used.
That was a hidden bios option on this laptop.

Gday @joe22 , Welcome to the community!

Can you see the ssd in BIOS?
If not check in BIOS for "Onboard SATA controller", make sure this is enabled.
Check cable connections are push in all the way.
Try another SATA port.
you may try switching from AHCI to IDE, see if BIOS recognises the ssd.
Failing that, you may need to manually install the drivers to suit,
Goto the website of the ssd & obtain the driver to suit & install them.

If you have windows running, goto "Trouble shooting" > "Hardware & Devices"
Then click the "Run Trouble shooter". this may also help.

The 2.5 ssd (which is a new WD blue) is seen in the bios.
I've used it to install W11 successfully which leads me to think the ssd is ok and cables are connected properly.
What I can't get my head round is the Zorin installer not seeing it whereas a windows installer does.

ok, with windows on the ssd, set BIOS to boot from USB ( assuming the installation device is usb )
Boot machine with USB Stick inserted,
Click to "Install" Zorin OS, When asked to install alongside or something else, Choose "Something else" , take a screenshot/photo at this point & post it here please.

Thanks for the suggestion but I've tried everything to no avail.
With just the 2.5 ssd connected and the Zorin install stick when booted gives only the stick itself to install to.
Maybe the iso used on the stick is corrupted but very much doubt that.

Try disabling "Secure boot" in Bios,
If you wish to dual boot you need to also disable both "Fast Startup & Fast boot"

Rufus seems to be the preferred program to create with.
Yes try a different stick/port,
To check the download:

Try changing to RAID, even though it seems counter-intuitive and see if that makes the drive show up.

Secure boot is disabled.
The iso burnt to the install stick verifies as ok on many installs.
I don't need to dual boot, just can't see why the zorin install is not seeing the properly connected disks, a windows install does.

Hmmm. Even if you have Windows on the SSD Linux should still detect it. If it was set to raid then Windows would most prob ask you for a raid driver.

Not sure how tech-savvy you are but if you by chance have another desktop computer or so. Connect it to another PC and see if Zorin detects the SSD. If it does. It has something to do with either the bios or the laptop. Not a pro at Linux
But it may even be a bios update issue ( Highly Unlikely )

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So reading this , the usb stick works on other machines.
As for the SSD, have you updated the BIOS/firmware/drivers, to suit this new drive?

NOTE: look in BIOS for "VMD Controller", Under the Advanced or Boot menu, & disable it.
Then install the drivers for the SSD.
Check for BIOS firmware updates after this.
Hope this helps.

Found this may help,

I see this, which allows VMD to be enabled, to install drivers to iRST.
Obviously Use the below with the Zorin OS installer, or you can do this with windows if you wish.

Prior to running the above, if you had secure boot enabled prior, then re-enable it again , before updating the driver/VMD/firmware.

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