Zorin next version

When will the next version of Zorin based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS be released?

Ubuntu works fine but Zorin looks way better.


I contacted the Zorin OS team about this same issue and they said that Zorin OS 16, based on Ubuntu 20.04 should come out at the end of this year.


Welcome lekkerzorin and technerd1 to the Zorin Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hope they include an easy upgrade feature from the previous version, although I know that’s more difficult to do than a fresh install version.

This next version of Zorin OS will undoubtedly be the best version of Zorin OS.

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Hope they include an easy upgrade feature from the previous version, although I know that’s more difficult to do than a fresh install version.

lekkerzorin, in the following thread, Azorin states that the Direct Upgrade option has been made a priority for development.


The main thing I’m looking forward to in the next version is the Gnome 3.36 upgrade. It is absolutely beautiful out of the box (especially the new lockscreen), and I can’t wait to see what Zorin does with it.

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i also hope that it comes integrated with Gnome 3.36, as I have read, they have polished it a lot and offers better performance, I also would like the interface to be polished and clear as before but perhaps with less white color, there is some capture or beta of the advance about Zorin OS 16? :slight_smile:


Ahh ahh, I aint touching Gnome with a 10-foot pole, it will give me Covid-19 in 3.36 seconds! If you’ve spent enough time with Gnome shell 3, you will know how truly awful it is.

I had to install XFCE 4.12 desktop over my Zorin OS 12.4 installation, just so I could have the freedom that Linux promissed us from the very beginning, and give me the ultimate power in the universe, to customize my OS, to look beautiful.

How do we go about getting onto a beta programme? :grinning:

I actually love Gnome… despite their best effort to tick everyone off. :wink:

I’m using Gnome 3.36 in Ubuntu 20.04 until the next version of Zorin comes out and it works very well but doesn’t look as good as Zorin does.

Rhythmbox doesn’t seem to work in any other environment except Gnome.

I used Solus and Fedora this year it it had too many problems, like programs breaking in Solus and Fedora having to restart after a update and taking terribly long to boot back into the OS.

I can’t wait for the next carefree version of Zorin, Ubuntu is simply less refined.

I like KDE, but everything works flawlessly in Gnome.

That is odd. I am not using Gnome on Zorin, yet Rhythmbox is working well and strong.

That’s been my experience as well.

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That’s interesting. Are you using Zorin Lite?

Yes, I am.
It is XFCE4 desktop Environment for Lite, though I am using the Cinnamon Desktop that I installed.

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I’m afraid I am a Clementine die hard - no least because of the superior MProject (Milk Drop) visualisations.

I know. It’s really annoying that they limit features and customisation. I love how XFCE frees you to customise your desktop endlessly. I wish GNOME had something like that. I’m currently using GNOME because it has a more streamlined design, a more modern look, and a progressive interface. I would love it if someone came out with a DE that blended GNOME’s simplicity, elegance and progressiveness with XFCE’s customisation, performance and features.


Yes. The first distro I got into was OpenSUSE Gnome and I loved the interface of pure gnome. I just find the tweaking Zorin has done gets me where I want to go interface wise quicker.