Zorin no sound in some game

The sound of zorin os 16&17 works normally in most cases, but there is no sound in some games, such as Valheim.
sudo apt-get install alsa-tools

This does not happen on the same machine on ubuntu 22.04 desktop.

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I find most problems with sound is due to pulseaudio. For example, Zorin 17, based on ubuntu 22.04 incorrectly places my soundcard's output as SPDIF when there is no connection to that port. If I choose the correct configuration of Surround 5.1 I get nothing. Solution? I follow the guide I posted to blacklist the HDMI source which gets identified as Intel HDA, then in /etc I create a folder named 'pulseoff' and drag the pulse folder into it, preventing pulse audio from breaking my SoundBlaster Audigy Rx 5.1 Sound card. No sound application can beat Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. :wink:

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