Zorin on Desktop, LineageOS on phone: some help/ideas appreciated

Hi all.
I've been using Zorin for about two weeks now on my home PC and I am glad to be away from the Windows infrastructure
I've also binned my IPhone and got a Moto G7 that I installed with Lineage OS- Also awesome so far.
Both of these changes were for the same reason- to try and minimise the obnoxious spying by Google/ MicroSoft/ NSA etc. I feel a bit freer now!
My questions are about fine tuning both devices - Does anyone know how can I transfer music and photo files from Zorin to the Lineage phone. KDE Connect? Doesn't run properly for me unfortunately.
I'm not in any way a developer just an enthusiastic home user who can read and follow instructions based on being around computers for 40 years but not actually specifically working with them as a job.
PS my paranoia is such that I don't go near Google products and use Insidious for Youtube and Nitter to (occasionally) follower Tw... Also, the cell phone only goes with me when strictly needed and I'm thinking of getting a faraday bag to further throw them off.
Other than all this stuff, I'm a normal person- just real annoyed at what's happening to society. Also, I use Cash almost exclusively now.

While Zorin OS does offer The Zorin Connect (Or you can install KDE Connect on Zorin Lite) for such a purpose, Lineage is a whole different animal.
Not to pass the buck, but to re-direct you to those who are probably far more helpful than our best guesses, you may consider seeking assistance at the Lineage OS forum:

Believe me, it won't do much. :wink:

The server will wait (and so will the phone) for a good signal. You can see how this programming is essential, just due to packet loss or other interruptions to the cellular signal. A Faraday cage will work for the moment it surrounds the phone - Until the signal is re-established. I'd recommend saving the money for a better purpose.

I feel your pain about the annoyances of Target Market advertising... Bought a shredder for home use without searching the net for it- and suddenly YouTube offers me videos on Industrial Shredders. I never looked up shredders on Youtube.
I mentioned to someone jokingly at a Walmart (Phone in my back pocket) "Hey, look, Dysons vaccum cleaners are on sale!" The day after we luckily acquired a Kirby Vaccum cleaner at a garage sale for fifty bucks. Spent the next two weeks inundated with Dyson Vacuum ads on everything.

A week ago, I changed the A/C filter and told my son to put the old dirty A/C filter in the trash - and to handle it carefully because it is dusty. Within two days, I was getting ads for a/c filters and neoprene gloves.

It's madness.

I recall an article about an angry father contacting Target Stores for their marketing of Pregnancy items toward his teenage daughter - only to apologize to the store later when he found out she was pregnant - which is why she was targeted for baby products. Target Stores knew his daughter was pregnant before he did.

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Thanks for your extensive reply. I’ll try the forum you mentioned- I had briefly seen it but felt a bit intimidated as it seems to be for people who speak Terminal fluently and there didn’t seem to be anywhere to post these sort of questions- it sometimes seems like “ well if you’re a regular Joe use Windows, if you’re smart like us use Linux and write your own solutions”. I’m smart(ish) but I spend 60hrs a week earning money another way unfortunately.
Also, about the Privacy thing. It’s way beyond annoying advertising. I read Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff’s book earlier this year. It goes way beyond marketing. It’s a serious and frankly evil attempt at a new form of control not just a cute way to sell stuff. It’s a huge loss of individual free will and self determination wrapped up in so called convenience and tech advancement.

Well, the way I have it figured, I do not know much about Lineage OS, but the Terminal Emulator is an essential part of using Zorin OS. That we can help you with. I see no harm in you asking at Lineage and seeking clarification of the replies they give here, in regards to how to apply them on Zorin OS.

Personally, I think greed was a bigger qualifier than Motive. I mean, "The Social Dilemma" is worth watching to get a feel for that.
But - While as an intro, it's good chatting, if we stray too far off topic, we may open up a can of worms. :wink:
Whether it be a greedy but not-thinking-of-long-term-sonsequences action or a direct plan of manipulation by the inebriati... What is most clear to all of us and applies to all of us is to stay vigilant and intolerant of Invasion.
We may not fully understand the truest of motives of those that seek to exploit others- but it matters less when we refuse to be exploited, whyever they seek to do so.

Thank you for your reply. I certainly agree with you about the terminal emulator’s importance and I’m indeed starting to use it and learn it. I like concepts that are pure and logical and follow transparent pathways.
So many things simply don’t anymore and that could apply to Windows or even Society in general.

I’m in Australia and the Rona is messing with everyone’s minds right now as it has everywhere- except we held out and are now a year behind the curve. Our formerly liberal democratic government is starting to look more like China everyday- hence many of us are looking at ways to fight back- more privacy has to be a good start.
I see in Linux people a frame of mind which values freedom, uniqueness, creativity and openness- these are the very things I find people around me don’t seem to want anymore.
Sorry to lower the mood!

I’ll head over to XDA now and see if I can get some more education.
I’ll also look at Zorin connect next chance I get.
All the best- thank you!

I understand your aversion to google products and commend you on your ability to follow directions (something the newer generation could learn). Forgive my ignorance, but I have to ask, why didn't you disable the google aspects (as much as possible), remove permissions for the microphone and camera, possibly even location, if it bothered you so? I have done exactly that, except the location. Google isn't allowed to listen or view anything from my phone. I receive targeted ads according to my location (my choice to leave it on in case I ever lose the device so I can find it), but they are normally way off when it comes to what I'm willing to spontaneously purchase.

I commend you on your choice, and if not for knox and the security features of my phone, which I purchased it specifically for, I would also use a different rom (I've been following /e/, though they are nowhere near getting to the latest flagship models yet). Knox is my only issue. Up until the galaxy S6 I would root and use custom roms constantly. Biometrics and the integration with my financial institution as well as Samsung Pay have averted my preference to root my devices.

Hi Underdog. I have a very basic phone Nokia Flip running KAI OS, and if I want to transfer photos from phone, I simply connect via USB and Zorin 15 Lite recognises the phone as extra memory. I can then drag and drop pictures into my Zorin desktop. I assume it could be done the other way around, but have never tried, as I don't listen to music on the go. You might find something useful from my experience, or not.

Yes- Knox looks very interesting. Smart move. Online banking is obviously a tricky one to find a work around when using custom ROM devices yet Samsung Knox looks like a good idea.
My main banking work around is to keep it simple and be a little bit old fashioned. Cash instead of card being the main one. I live in a big city and actually enjoy going into a shop and buying in person

Regarding your suggestion on disabling permissions- well I'm a bit of cynic and remain highly sceptical. I simply don't believe the data mining, location tracking and browser fingerprinting can be defeated that easily. Very powerful interests (the MOST powerful ones) have an agenda which requires all these thing to proliferate and become normal, accepted and even defended (talk to the younger generations- they "never have anything to hide". Many of them want this - I prefer privacy, freedom and individual choice- but I guess fashions change don't they.

I'll follow up on Knox- Thanks.

Hi Ian- yes that seems the natural way to do it and I'm glad it works for you but for my combo Zorin+Lineage Phone ...no such luck seemingly.
There'll be an answer out there- probably a real simple one knowing my luck.
Maybe my Moto can flash KAI OS- - I will research. Thanks

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Hi Underdog. I forgot that before the drag & drop worked I had to change the phone settings: Settings>Storage>USB storage=Set to: Enabled
Your phone might have a similar setting. Worth a look. I also found that if I connected phone before opening the phone folder involved, it connected as 'Camera' and not as internal storage.

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Ian- You Sir are a genius.
I searched the relevant setting which was hidden deep in the advanced developer settings- changed the permission and suddenly the MotoG7 folder on the Zorin Nautilus was populated with folders for music, photos, podcasts etc.
Then... drag and drop and hey presto.
Thank you for you time Sir!

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