Zorin on Tapatalk in English?

Why isn’t this forum available on Tapatalk? Only the French version is accessible. Do you have to be a moderator or admin to apply it there?

I know this would be easier to access by way of tapatalk or even discord.

Gotta choose a medium. I mean, if it was on discord, then people might say, “Why’s it not on Discourse?”

As far as other language forums; This depends heavily on bi(or more)-lingual volunteers being available and willing to oversee it in that language.

For example, let’s say a Zorin User wants to help the Zorin Team with a Swahili group forum, they that person could contact Zorin Team with an offer. But without such an offer, the Zorin Team cannot effectively control another language forum using Google Translate…

Edit: sidenote; I use tapatalk with the Science Forum and I do not like it.

Zorin. Fr was the only one listed that was official…i don’t speak French. Lol. I get it though