Zorin OS 15 Lite blank screen - power/screensaver settings?

I started trying Zorin OS 15 Lite from a ‘Live CD’ (actually from a ‘Live USB’) but when I walk away for a few minutes, I come back to it being stuck in a blank screen. I tried tinkering around with the power settings to no avail. Anybody know how to leave Zorin OS 15 Lite on indefinititely without it sleeping/hibernating or the monitor stop displaying? (I can worry about Super+L to lockscreen manually later when and if I’m not working with a ‘Live CD’).

As a secondary question, if one ends up in a blank screen on the Zorin OS 15 Lite trial ‘Live CD’, what are the commands needed from CNTL+ALT+F1 or CNTL+ALT+F2 to get from the blank screen back to the desktop?

I’m seeing if Zorin OS 15 Lite is a suitable fit for me and any help would be appreciated.

Zabadabadoo had suggested on here a while back an app called Caffeine which prevents LockScreen or Screensaver from shutting things down.

As to your question: The Well Known “XFCE will not wake from sleep or suspend” bug has a great many of porposed solutions and it really depends on each individual which actually works. We can go over that if Caffeine app will not work in your situation.

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FYI. This is my post (mentioned by @Aravisian) where I suggesting Caffeine as possible screensaver stopper:

Note, I have not used Caffeine on Zorin, only on that other OS.


Thanks! Caffeine worked excellent. I thought the patient was comatose because I tried telling it


to no avail. I disabled the screensaver & lockscreen, set display power management to “never” as well as suspend/hibernate when inactive to “never”.
I installed caffeine and you simply activate it from the dash & system tray. I opened gedit & can toggle that text editor to & from fullscreen by F11, fullscreen invoking caffeinate.

I vaguely remember reading about the bug while troubleshooting. That really is ashame because the bug defeats the whole purpose of the “Live CD”; trying to turn people on to Zorin OS 15 Lite. A good many people would throw their arms in the air with it.

Ironic caffeination was the lifesaver for the coma in this particular case, as for me it makes me a raw bag of nerves as much as I like it, so I avoid it all together!


@Joe-S. Can you please tell us here which Caffeine app (assume you installed from “Software”) worked for you.
As there are more than 1 instances of Caffeine listed in Software, your answer may help point others to effective one.

I simply:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install caffeine

I just looked at Synaptic Package Manager and see there is “caffeine” then there’s “caffeine-plus”. It’s the first one, plain “caffeine” that worked here.


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