Zorin OS 16 and 16.2 Unofficial Mirror

I am providing a link to the core ISO and one to the checksum text to compare after you download. This is unaltered and downloaded from the Zorin download page, generating the same sha256 key in the text file, the others are what is generated from Sha1 and md5. Zorin OS official page offers only the sha256. Since this matches, the MD5 and SHA1 are also genuine, generated by the same iso.

Edit: I have added the checksums for 16.2, including pro versions so they are easily and readily available to everyone.

The 16.2 Core and Lite ISOs have also been linked below, since this has been a popular alternative for downloading the ISOs.

Checksum File

Zorin 16 Core Beta Release 1 iso:

Zorin 16-Beta-r1

Zorin 16.2 Core ISO:
Zorin 16.2 Core

Zorin 16.2 Lite ISO:
Zorin 16.2 Lite