Zorin OS 16 and beyond

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I’ve suffered with MS Windows major version/feature updates-in-place for many years. Partial protection of loss by placing my documents, images, and videos on a separate drive was easy. I have applications default to looking there for data files. However, I always face Windows’ storing of programs and their configuration adjustments where it wants, and the very many registry keys. Windows’ own components, drivers, libraries, etc. which other programs leverage pose some risk at each upgrade.

What I have read here on this forum is a set of similar risks and burden on the user to wrestle through upon attempting ‘upgrades’. Users have to remember whatever apps they have added (or removed), and will have to go through those actions with the new OS. Of course we always want ongoing compatibility, even though that is unrealistic.

Short of the ideal (for the user) of upgrade-in-place, perhaps there are ways to inspect/assess a system for whatever differs from a Zorin-standard system. Help the user with tracking or discovering what they would either lose with a replacement Zorin version, or would have to re-install themselves.

That probably still won’t cover configuration adjustments a user has made. Same apps. Just preferences within those apps. I don’t know how each might store those, to have any chance of preserving them and applying them again after an upgrade.

When will Zorin os 16 be released? Released in April? Is it based on ubuntu 20.4 LTS?

Unless anyone knows differently, I do not believe a release month has been set, yet. It could be any day now.
Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, carrying includes support for touchpad devices.

It is interesting that this post came up right away, as I just logged into the forum after receiving an article in my news feed that mentions upcoming Zorin 16 and a particular line caught my eye:

In addition to that, while going through the official forums, it is evident that they plan to have an upgrade path from 15 to 16 this time. So, you can easily upgrade from Zorin OS 15 to 16 without needing to re-install the OS, which should be a convenient option.

Has this forum made it evident that the release of Zorin 16 will enable upgrading Zorin 15 to 16? I know that many members have weighed in on the issue…

Soon, I hope.
I crashed. I was looking over some logfiles and my first adjective is “wow.”
Plenty of errors have been accumulating over time and they are beginning to get annoying.
I need to be very clear here: This has nothing to do with Zorin OS.
It has to do with programming I have done, experiments I have performed, tests, installs and removals preformed while trying to suss out issues others were having and … of course… some rather extreme and outrageous boundaries I have pushed in an effort to learn more about how the system operates.

Interestingly, I loaded Ubuntu 20.04 on a machine thinking that gtk 3.24 and various other factors might handle what I was trying to do better. And they did… Except that the rest of the system balked. Turned around and built gtk 3.24 onto Zorin 15, instead… and had a much better response from the system.
But there is only so much abuse this poor little thing can take. I would much prefer to back up the essentials and perform a wipe and reload - But I have been holding out waiting for Zorin 16.
Doing the sytem update now, but I would really prefer to clean the slate in less than a month. But I would also not prefer to do a wipe and reload twice in just over a month.

I hope that in Zorin 16, educational applications are also available directly on Zorin OS Ultimate and Zorin OS Education. because it will help when someone who uses the ultimate version needs the application without having to install the educational version too.


Zorin OS running pretty stable on an older dual core notebook computer. Original mechanical drive running Windows 7 was failing, due to bad sectors damage. Win7 no longer supported either. Replaced mechanical hard drive with a 128GB SSD, running on Zorin Linux, problem solved. :smile:

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Just imagining the name hurts my brain: Zorin OS Ultimate Education Lite


LOL. This cracked me up.

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Nobody gets an education in this new generation. Kids use terms like lit, they should change it to illiterate, cause they couldn't pass an English class to save their life lol.

Yep, that's why I've been teaching myself proper grammar for quite a while.