Zorin OS 16 Beta login screen bug

I think u need to go to the zorin blue light. Cause GDM uses the light blue theme even though i choose the dark blue theme. Zorin devs should add that u can configure this in zorin apearance

If u rly want to sync ur wallpaper u can go to ( /usr/share/themes/ZorinBlue-Light/gnome-shell/assets) u can see there is an image named login-background.png so the imaged is blurred so if u want the blur effect u might need to use some software to blur ur image and replace it with ur own custom image. This is probably the only way for now or maybe not im dumb.

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Hello is this bug fixed on release pro version?

I don't know, I don't have any money to spend. : (
This should not happen to you tho, you can try the core version first to see the resolution is right or not.

You could try Z16 Core now that is final release, but Z16 Core Beta should reach that level through updates.
I believe the devs did suggest reinstalling Z16 final release in place of Z16 Beta for best results.

bruh in Iran (my country) we install only cracked versions of anything from our available legal site [Redacted] because we are banished to everything you can think about it from USA like international credit cards or paypal, so we always need to install cracked version and If you find a Iran IP vpn, you can use [Redacted] to install cracked version of Zorin OS 16 pro or Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate or so much of best softwars cracked versions withhout worrying about various things..., but now I have this problem after downloading Zorin OS 16 Pro

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I'd highly advise you to only download Zorin from the official sources. We don't know if the ISO file that you have downloaded is modified and or corrupted.
Try doing the following:

  • Download Zorin16 from the official website
  • Check the hash value if you can
  • Burn the ISO to your USB with Balena Etecher
  • Try booting from your USB

For a more detailed walkthrough check out here:

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You would have a null chance if you expected us to help you to install this cracked version of Zorin. It goes completely against what we believe in FOSS.

May I suggest you to look somewhere else where cracked software is accepted or even endorsed.


This is is developed in Ireland. You have no excuse not to support it.


Probably because the cracked version is not the revised version that contains the fix.

It appears you do need to worry about various things, such as the cracked version not being complete, updated or repaired. Aside; a third party supplier can make any number of changes to the software, adding in spyware or malware.


Core is free and only missing two layouts. The pro versions purpose is to support development and get developer support for installations. Download core and we'll help you.

Please do not continue to ask for support for a cracked/ pirated version. Further action will be taken.

Again, the Zorin's are in Ireland, not America and should not be blocked.


Maybe Zorin Os should have torrents if a country for some reason decides to block Ireland. Having torrents are very common for Linux Distrobutions

Using a vpn will allow you to bypass restrictions of the area. Please only perform this action if it is legal in your country.

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My guy imagine the download speed, people who download cracked software don't pay for VPNs. The download speed is gonna be like 100kb/s.

Not all vpn's are pay... but it would limit down speed. It's a fine line. Since Zorin 16 core is free, he is doing himself a disservice and being disrespectful and criminal by pirating. This will not be tolerated in this forum. Such people will not find help here. It's against the FOSS idea.

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My uncle pirates so many software it's unbelievable Microsoft Office 1998 all the way up to 2016, Adobe Pro Suite and etc. He pirates things that cost lots of money basically

I do understand... but this isn't up for debate. This will not be tolerated here.

Any continued support of pirated versions of Zorin will result in the topic being closed and further actions to be taken if continued.

Your uncle's actions do not make it right. This forum was created by the Zorin's and we are here to support them and each other. To support pirated versions would be to say that the Zorin's do not deserve paid, when they offer the OS for free already. This is disrespectful and criminal. Again, it will not be tolerated.


Some people don't like to pay I guess

I understand difficulty, but please respect this.


I understand that Devs need to be paid and have a salary, i'm just telling u that ppl who pirate software just don't want to pay.

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