Zorin OS 16 Beta - Shutdown 'bug'

Been using Zorin OS 16 Beta for just over a week now, I like it so far. The only 'bug' I have encountered when using it on two different machines is a shutdown bug. I tell the machine to shutdown and it starts, and then just seems to freeze/stop but never completes.

Example: I installed the Beta onto a brand new Dell Vostro 14" laptop. A number of times when I have told the OS to shut down, the screen goes dark, and then the Dell logo you normally see at power on appears......but it just sits there and doesn't do anything.

It doesn't do it all the time, but it does do it more often than not. Thought I would mention it.



Try hit [esc] when it happens and see what's holding it up. Eventually take a picture of it.

Yeah that seems to work when the OS fails to shut down. Not sure what's really causing it though, the text that appears on screen appears and disappears too quickly aha.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Record a video and slow it down.

Make sure you are on the latest Dell BIOS.