Zorin OS 16 checksum wrong

This is my Zorin OS 16 Pro checksum:
This is Zorin OS 16 Pro checksum in official site:

[Verify] Double check you are grabbing correct checksum reference off page.

Still fail?

[Re-download] Don't use download managers. Don't use your net for anything else while ISO download is in progress.

As this is a Zorin OS Pro issue, you must contact @AZorin or @zorink in the email you received from ZorinGroup containing your download link in order to have this corrected.

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When did you download your version of Zorin 16 Pro? Did you get the R1 version?

If I remember correctly, there was an occurrence with the initial release. It was due to Ubuntu or Debian, not with Zorin itself. A few days later, there was a new corrected release, hence the R1.

If I understood correctly, it only affected Dell users, so you might have not experienced the issue so far.

What I mean is there might not be anything wrong with your download, nor your installed version, for you.

Given that the O.P. in this thread has repeatedly stated it is not possible for him to properly pursue the transaction of Zorin OS Pro:

And that the Checksum does not match; in accordance with:

This thread must be closed.