Zorin OS 16 Core Beta is very nice

I just installed it on my one of my grandparent's (kinda old and slow) computer. The experience is very nice. Basic usage like files and a web browser are working perfectly (and it's all they need). I had to install the 16 beta because of kernel driver version things (needed 5.6 or greater), maybe a version of Zorin with the latest kernel all the time would be useful. I also run Linux but not Zorin, nice to see that there's such a nice entry point for beginners to Linux. Thanks for making this.


Yes I completely agree. I use Zorin OS Ultimate 15.3 and love the support option that I have used for Ultimate from the developers. A big thank you goes out to them and a thank you goes to you for promoting such a magnificent product. Glad to see another fellow Zorin OS consumer is enjoying it. Thank you for your post. Truly made my day.

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It's sure is nice. :slight_smile:
I went from Manjaro directly into Z16 beta and never looked back.


@Storm Can I ask you why you switched from Manjaro to Zorin ? I mean, I am using Manjaro atm, but previously I was on beta 16 for few weeks , and than my yourney with distro hopping started..

I want to stick with one, but hard to decide :slight_smile:

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I was tiring fixing my computer for bugs whenever new packages was released. I'm at that point I want to work with the computer, not using my time maintaining it. If you decide to go Manjaro or Arch for that matter you get the privileged to have the newest of the newest, but it comes with a price of breakage now and then and you have to fix it. So everytime new package are availble make sure to keep an eye on the release thread(s) in Manjaro forum to see what you can expect if when upgrading the system.

With Zorin you get a well tested system, but some of the packages might be outdated. NOTE: Newer doesn't always mean better.
That's here Snap/flat packages comes to play, so people can get the latest on non-rolling distros.