Zorin OS 16 Core install Failed to open EFI boot

I'm having the same issue with 16. During boot from media, I get the following error.

'Failed to open \EFI\BOOT? - Invalid Parameter'
'Failed to load image \EFI\BOOT? - Invalid Parameter'
'Start_image() returned Invalid Parameter'

I tried re-downloading the image the next day. Also tried creating the flash media using Belena, Rufus and Universal USB boot creator.
I have a Dell optiplex 7070 with 36 gig Ram and Intel HD graphic. I have had several different Ubuntu based distros on this computer in the past, including 21.04.

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The implication here is that you already know - Secure Boot - Fast Boot - Hibernation (on windows) disabled - AHCI/RAID set to AHCI for standard HDD or SSD and RAID for nVME or eMMC... I have to double check.

I've also submitted a trouble ticket to Zorin. I've had other Ubuntu base OS on this machine. Most recently Kubuntu. One change I have made that I will reverse is I have enable the TPM for Windows 11 testing. I've rolled back to Win10, so I can turn that off and see what happens.

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NOTE this update:

This helped me install 16. Hope to see the new images soon.

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Hi @haunja

I had a similar problem with my Dell Latitude too.

To circumvent this issue whilst awaiting the shim update for the ISO, in BIOS you should be able to select a new Boot option. From here, plug in your USB with the ISO, browse to the EFI\Boot\ folder then select grubx64.efi file and name this Zorin or something similar.

Exit BIOS and restart, then hit F12 (I think?) and chose 'Zorin' as your boot option and it should, fingers crossed, load to the Live Installation option.

Let me know how you get on.