Zorin OS 16 freeze

I backup my os on time shift then I restart my PC after that it freeze after showing ZORIN logo. Instead of showing login screen, it shows me this and froze. I tried many ways, recovery mode, boot recovery mode but nothing works. Please help

See if the solution with most votes here sorts it for you:


Did you press escape while the logo was shown, the programs in your image are the backgroud process while booting Zorin. The main problem might be that some of the boot up process are stuck.


It seems like there wasn't enough space to load all the files, so, I create a bigger partition and I reinstall the OS again but unfortunately lost many valuable data with it. :slightly_frowning_face:

It was possible to resize the partition without having to reinstall. In the future it may be beneficial to ask about your idea prior to implementing it. You could have saved all that you lost... and always backup prior to making system wide changes.

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