Zorin OS 16 is the ALMOST perfect newcomer's distro

That would work also but I thought we would have to pay for pro again when the new version came out ... either way would be great ...

You're right, and my response didn't address certain entities such as Canonical (who are a corporation with corporate clients that also happens to produce a free desktop OS).

And this can certainly be a confusing point for those who are new to GNU/Linux.

My reply to your question was intended to be in the 'spirit of GNU/Linux'. Which is essentially a freely created, freely distributed and open system available to anyone who has the desire to try it. However, distros are a constantly evolving thing that require time, effort and support to be able to sustain. Considering this, I don't think it unreasonable to support something that one finds themselves so passionate about and relies upon very much.


I had 15,3 Ultimate but installed Zorin 16 Core when it was still in beta since I was eager to use its improved input system.
I had to reinstall Zorin 16 Pro when it was released, but I was OK with that. I prefer to do installation time-to-time so that I do not forget how to do it.

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For some reason, the forum artificial (un)intelligence trapped your posting. I just approved it.
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I did right after you did yours as there were only 2 vote and I assumed the first one was yours ... LOL

By the way that is the second time I had that happen in the past 3 days .... no big deal was just curious ....

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Oops, I did not see that, sorry :sweat_smile:

This artificial (un)intelligence even traps moderator's postings. It is mighy strange to approve my own posting :roll_eyes:
Really nothing to worry about. It is just a stupid computer algorithm.




The first word in this sequence is the cause.
I am sure I need not explain what it is being mistaken for...
I imagine that around Christmas time, we may see more trapped posts.

Each major release would require a new purchase, yes.


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Yup, I got caught as well.


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I had to search around to find what it was all about :face_with_monocle:
It is a bit a toll order for non-native speakers like myself.

I got the pro version to support the devs because I think Zorin Is a really great distro coming from Windows. I rate it higher than POP! and Mint and I would recommend it before any other distro for linux noobs. I don't agree with people saying the extra desktop layouts shouldn't be behind the pro paywall. They are just extras and you get a good selection in the Core version without having to pay.

I do agree though that the light theme is too light and the dark theme colour tints are a bit much. I'd have preferred the dark theme to be a nice grey (maybe around #303030) and the buttons/folders be accented with the colour you choose. Though I don't have an opinion about how the light theme should be since I don't use it.

Also I think the pro version should come with extra start menu buttons in the theme editor :smiley: I don't like the Zorin logo as a start button and I'd have prefered a simple rounded box or set of 9 boxes.

As for the "bloat" software, it's pretty handy that it comes installed though I did notice there is some redundant software (why is there two CAD packages?).

I also noticed that every now and then, my default Firefox home screen reverts to a gross Zorin screen with google search... I don't appreciate this myself as I changed i to be the firefox default screen with my own search engine of choice, though I understand maybe most normal people would use google so I know why it was set in the first place but if I change it to something else it should not revert back. Other than that it's a pretty perfect OS!

Also shout out to how Wine is handled, simply double clicking to install and run .exe applications is fantastic, I hated the faf of trying to use win on other OS's but Zorin just works! :smiley:


No, it shouldn't - because it is not supposed to. Something went wrong.
In all the time I have used Zorin OS, that has never once happened to me.


I second that.

My Firefox is set as below:

When I open the Firefox or the new page, I will get a 空白ページ (blank page), my preference. You can change this drop down list to the default Firefox page or another website of your choice.

I haven't contributed much to the forum recently. I did not vote in the poll as it didn't cover my mixed reasons for supporting Zorin OS. Having been self-employed for much of my life, I understand that operations like Zorin OS req

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