Zorin OS 16 is the ALMOST perfect newcomer's distro

I got my Windows 10 Pro license for free :joy:


I would say about a billion didn't

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Unless one buys Linux pre-install machines (still not very common), almost all PCs are sold with Windows pre-installed. The price of the Windows is included in the price tag. So, in a sense, we are all buying Windows whether we like/need it or not.


My computer to old and i need operating system. That why bought Zorin with good price. Support updates to 2025. I remember Zorin 15.3 Ultimate bought with a normal price. Then politics in my country sayed - anything what you buying from shop online are tax. Yes Zorin 16 was taxed.

Red Hat sells the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. They sell multiple products, in addition, to support. So, you're right, they've proven that selling a premium version of an open-source OS works.

Most people don't donate, regardless of what open source project it is. Large open-source projects rely primarily on corporate sponsorships, not individual donations, to operate. Most people donate time, contributing in one way or another. It helps the project thrive, but it is not a sustainable business model.

I like that Zorin has an income stream, so they have funds to continue development.

The thing about selling is you need to sell what people want. If nobody wants it, nobody will pay for it. People want extra layouts to meet their needs, so it makes sense to put this behind a paywall. They are willing to pay.

You can't make everyone happy. You want layouts to be free. Another user might want free installation support because newbies switching from Windows/Macs might have issues and it will ruin their experience.

Today's my first day with Zorin. I'm not new to Ubuntu/Debian, but new to Zorin.


You might be interested to see the result of this Poll (still ongoing):

At this point, over 80% chose Pro version to support the developers.

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That's not a donation :wink: I shop sometimes locally to support local businesses, that's not donating.

I see your point.
But what you will get for Pro version is just 4 additional desktop layouts and pre-installed apps (which can be easily installed manually on the free Core version).

Those extras are a way to say "thank you" to the Pro users from the developers. I see it more like getting a Red Poppy on the Remembrance Day when I make a donation to Boyscout. I will get something in return but is way less proportional to what I paid.

By the way, it is quite possible to create a something similar to those extra layouts by using third party dock apps such as Plank and Docky.


The pre-made layouts and installed apps offer convenience, especially for beginners. You can do it yourself and spend time, or pay and save time. I think they should add more to the Pro version, maybe even more layouts to choose from. I think convenience and peace of mind are 2 things that should be capitalized on in Linux space.

The other nice thing Pro includes, which users new to Linux might find useful, is the installation support from the team.

It would be interesting to see revenue breakdown, to see how donations compare to the Pro sales. At least percentage-wise.


I see the polling result - over 82% said their motivation for choosing Pro version is to support developers.
It is a good thing to know since I always said that majority of the Pro users are purchasing Pro version in lieu of making a donation. This result confirmed my belief :slight_smile:


This is exactly why Pro version must exist.


That’s right in your argument is right now the most easy distro linux out there.


@mikedomo Hi and welcome to the forum. Thankyou for indicating you have ZorinOS Pro and that you are finding it easy.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Make sure to participate the ongoing poll if you have not done so yet.

I very much disagree. The layouts provided in Core are more than enough for the average user, even when coming from Windows or Mac. The GTK themes are perfect and provide a GUI that is far better than Windows (and in my opinion better than MacOS too - although this is somewhat controversial I've found). Zorin Pro is not 'bloated': it is useful, and the utility comes from having all of these things pre-installed for users coming from Windows or Mac rather than having to manually do it oneself. The system still runs snappily and there are no significant storage or performance costs. Furthermore, you support the development of ZorinOS (important) but even more is that you get 24/7 support which is something you would never get with any other distribution as far as I'm aware. If a mostly tech illiterate middle aged person had to install ZorinOS, this support becomes absolutely vital if there are any issues whatsoever


It is because the volunteers are spread over the world :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

Some volunteers are from different parts of US while some are in Europe like myself. None of us works for money. We donate our time and knowledge to support the OS we believe in its quality.


The interesting what people wrote under.
Good point, and that's probably one of the reason why Linus Torvalds has said "Fragmentation" is why Linux has never succeeded as a Desktop OS. During that same It's FOSS interview, he added that "It seems to be that Chromebooks and Android are the paths towards the desktop." However, Garuda Linux Cinnamon was still a new OS at that time, and this latest Cinnamon Community Edition seems to almost be an attempt at bringing some of the fragmented parts together in an attempt to break away from the "Fragmentation" mentality. Normal Desktop OS users don't want to deal with annoying Authenticate popups slowing down their workflow...one password during login is all that is needed, at most. Fact is, Fedora Cinnamon SPIN doesn't even require the standard 'Password Dependent ' user be created, i.e. only a root password is required to install it, but settings will allow root user to boot right up w/o the password...like Windows OSes. Chrome OS requires a login password at login, and Garuda Cinnamon just requires you to login as root (username) 'n then a password. None of the Android OSes I have used ever required any password. I believe Garuda Linux is trying to make an OS for "normal people," but, like you suggest, it's still Linux...

I happily bought the Pro Edition

i have nothing against paying for some extras. the most important themes are there.

also how much costs WDos 10/11?

They are free if you have a Windows 7-8.1 copy you can do a free upgrade.

IF is a small but important word

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