Zorin OS 16 - My Thoughts

Yeah...um..I am late.


For those who are wondering why did I disappear into thin air all of a sudden. Let me tell you that I had lost my account because I had deleted the email account which was set up as my primary email address and had "forgotten" to set up an alternate email address. Thankfully Artyom Zorin helped me get it back. The reason I did not revive my account earlier is because I did not need it (I am sorry for being selfish) and now that one of my PC runs Zorin OS again, I thought I should get my account back (just in case).

Zorin OS 16 is the first Linux Distribution that I have used. I can't say how much happy I am now that have I made the switch from Windows. I must say that I had several issues with Linux when I was new. Thankfully the forum helped me and I got used to linux because Zorin OS is very user-friendly and the interface is almost similar to Windows.

The reason I switched to Linux is because Windows kept throwing BSODs constantly and it was really frustrating. Imagine you are in an important class and all of a sudden you see a sad face with a "Your PC ran into a problem" message. After making the switch I never saw back, although I confess that I dual-booted for the next 3 months but then I realized that I was wasting memory space because I never even booted into Windows.

No one in my family ever complained about it..because I made sure they have a smooth experience. Not only did I spend time choosing alternative apps but I also tested them out so that the apps don't act up later.

Zorin OS is very stable I did not have any hardware problems, apart from a white noise issue with the screen while powering off or suspending the PC, which was later fixed in kernel 5.13 update. Zorin OS has a good selection of default apps. zorin-appearance is really easy to use, although I think it should be merged with the system settings app. My favourite thing in Zorin OS is Zorin Connect. Everything else more or less works perfectly in Zorin OS.

However, I have some grievances. First of all, Zorin OS core is more resource intensive than other distros with gnome-desktop (I think it is because of all the extensions that come pre-installed) but I guess that's why Zorin OS Lite exists. Then the software store is very buggy. I found out that GNOME 40 onward, the software store has become very responsive and 100 times better. Zorin OS 17 will probably be based on GNOME 4x, so I think this problem will be fixed eventually.

And here is a suggestion, I understand that there are only 2 devs involved in the development of Zorin OS but I think I should address this. I don't see anything unique in Zorin OS apart from the theme and zorin-appearance, which too has lost its uniqueness with all other distros including similar settings in them. All other features, I have noticed are just forks of other extensions. Zorin Connect is also a fork of kdeconnect. The Zorin OS pro comes with very little extra features. All the pre-installed apps feel like bloat. Zorin OS pro should have extra benefits that would add meaning to why you should buy it apart from supporting the devs. I mean I don't earn money yet, I am still a student and I would like to support the devs but I would not buy Zorin pro without a reason. I might as well just donate the money without buying the pro version. Zorin Grid seems like a change. But why hasn't it arrived yet? I don't want to put pressure on the devs and I want them to take their time. After all Zorin OS is supposed to be all about stability.

Those are my thoughts about Zorin OS. My experience has been good. I have switched twice to other distros to get a better idea of other linux operating systems and Zorin OS isn't perfect but it is much better than Windows and is one of the best linux distribution I have used.


Edit: Another suggestion: Please remove snapd. It is not ready yet. All apps that are in the snap store are also available in Flathub. In fact Flatpak has more apps. There is no need to have both the package managers. And Flatpak is way more faster and efficient. Snapd also slows down boot time.


Correct, and this is particular true of Gnome. This is what you will find on every distro who uses Gnome because the Gnome Dev's do not want to give features. Therefore in order to give you the features you want they must brought in. Gnome dev's have a habit of breaking them though with new updates.

Most distro dev's are not going to code something that already exists, they are going to use what is available and pull it into the distro.

All your issues mentioned above have to due to Gnome. Whether that be the store which is not done by Zorin, but Gnome, to the extensions needed in Gnome to give Zorin it's appearance. Most of the things Gnome puts into the store is either a Flatpak or Snap, of which I don't use either. I go to the website of what I want and grab the deb and install that. But what was pre-installed I don't have any issue with bugginess. I did though remove the Firefox and install the Tar direct. What programs are buggy for you?

I don't find Core to be bloated at all it gives just the right amount of things needed. If one doesn't want all that, that is what Lite is for.

I've stuck with Zorin because everything just works, nothing in life is perfect so I set my expectations as such. But between Zorin and Linux Mint, those two have both worked "perfectly" on my hardware with no issues.


One of the first things I did after installing Zorin Pro was to delete ALL the apps that I didn't need or use as well as removed them from the play store so they wouldn't try to update.... and there were a ton of them .... next I downloaded and use Cinnamon DE for better control of my environment .... lastly I installed the apps I wanted and that worked with Zorin .... this is on going process as I change after finding one I like better ...

I have Zorin installed on a 1TB HD by itself and a stripped down version of Win 10 on a 230GB SSD ....


There is more to a distribution than the desktop. There are other ubuntu based distributions which have done something different. Look at Linux Mint, they developed their desktop. They have created several apps like mintinstall (the app store), warpinator (file sharing tool), thingy (document manager), sticky (stick notes app), hypnotix (IPTV player), Web app manager, etc. It is clearly visible that the mint devs have done atleast something in their OS. Then there is Elementary OS. They too have created a different desktop. They also have a very small team of developers, yet they managed to create a stable distro. They have their own set of apps including the app store. Pop!_OS uses GNOME too but they have also managed to something different. They have their very own COSMIC shell. The auto-tiling and stacking feature is excellent. There is a power-management tool integrated. Their NVIDIA support is also better than other distros. They included features like direct upgrade, refresh install, and you can also have recovery partition. The Pop!_Shop is way better than the Elemntary OS app store. They have made the app store better.

What has Zorin OS done apart from including extensions built by others and having their own theme? Where is their own creativity? Zorin OS feels like a...more of a...reskinned Ubuntu LTS release with many extensions installed. And that's why I am asking them to work on Zorin Grid.

The store is much better GNOME 40 onward and gnome-software should not be an excuse. Look what Elementary OS, Mint and Pop!_OS have done to their app store.

GNOME does not include either. That's what the distribution developers do.

None actually, apart from gnome-software (that's the app store).

Core isn't bloated. PRO is. As well as PRO Lite.

Indeed. They both are very stable with regard to hardware.

Yes there is, but most of what you're complaining about is in fact nothing more than DE itself. As for the software, most if not all can be added if you just look for it. But that goes against your statement that you feel the "Pro" versions are bloated. So I'm a bit confused, as to why you're saying they should have more things, but then state the Pro versions are bloated.

You do realize all of those apps were available and made by someone else, Yes? No? Warpinator for instance was Ubuntu. Hypnotix is a fork of an IPTV player that I use on my Android device. I suggest you actually google all those apps, you'll find where they came from and it wasn't from the distro. All distro's are nothing more than collection of other software, drivers, DE's, extensions,libraries brought together and packaged as one.

But to put all these apps in, goes back to my bloat comment above that you were saying.

NVIDIA support is going to be pretty much the same across distro's as long as the distro put in whatever limited drivers were available. Some don't put everything and you have to download them. NVIDIA never played well with Linux so regardless of what distro you were using everyone was on a pretty level playing field.

I learned a long long time ago to avoid anything NVIDIA and have not have had any issues since. We'll see how that changes since they're not releasing some things as open source.

The store is much better because Gnome 40 has an updated store not available on the other Gnome versions, because it is Gnome 40. You may see this same store in Zorin 17, but hopefully they will have moved away completely from Gnome by then. I can only hold out hope that Cinnamon will be the option available instead of Gnome, along with KDE.

As for the software, you will get the same software in it you would now if Ubuntu ported over all the same software to Gnome 40. All those PPA's you see in your settings are what sets which software you will see in the Gnome store. Since Zorin is based on Ubuntu the default will be Ubuntu and it will mainly be Flatpacks and Snaps. You could go the route of Linux Mint and block Snaps from the beginning. You also have the ability to uninstall Snaps and Snapd so they don't install again, however Zorin didn't go that route. But Zorin and Linux Mint and most every other Ubuntu based distro out there are all pulling from the same set of software under the Gnome Store. Many distro's including Zorin do have some software they maintain, but there is no way any distro can maintain that amount of software by themselves. Elementary OS doesn't give you all the PPA's for Ubuntu, but you can add them. What you think is better is nothing more than eye candy of the store gui. The newest and greatest version out is not always better.

And full disclosure I don't use the store, I installed Synaptic and I use that. I hate the store no matter the distro and find it to be a huge waste of time and resources.

Incorrect, that is what Ubuntu does, or Debian does.

The same once again can be asked of any other distro. The same could even be asked of Ubuntu, as it's nothing more than Debian with Gnome thrown on top of it by the same logic you're using with Zorin. Ubuntu is nothing more than Debian at its base, so is Linux Mint, Pop OS, Elementary OS, even Zorin they all just went through Ubuntu first.

Well I don't have any trouble with Zorin, yet I did have trouble with various drivers for this and that when using Ubuntu directly. So clearly it is more than just fiddling with the DE and adding apps. I also hate the Ubuntu DE layout. Which is yet another reason why I use Cinnamon.

And just because you can throw a piece of software or extension onto something, doesn't mean it will work correctly. You have to make sure you have the right drivers and libraries for it to work correctly. The piece of software also needs to be maintained, if it isn't then prepare yourself for it breaking in a subsequent release.

As for their desktop not every distro is going to go around creating their own desktop, the reason Linux Mint created Cinnamon had to do with Gnome many years ago. PopOS's cosmic is nothing more than Gnome with a bunch of extensions and to be quite honest I was not impressed with PopOS at all.

Elementary OS calls their DE Pantheon, which is built on top of..... wait for it..... Gnome. It's nothing more than Gnome forked, prodded and full of extensions. And uses Ubuntu as its base as well.

So what you're using as examples of other distro's creating their own DE's is nothing more than the same thing Zorin did, yet you're saying they're not creative enough. The only difference is Zorin didn't give it a cute little name, they just used Gnome. The exception to that is Linux Mint with Cinnamon, but that is a whole different issue though.

I agree with you that Snaps should be disabled from the start like Linux Mint does with them. But I'm not really a fan of Flatpaks either. I'm also old school and never saw a problem with just using deb's or rpm's as the two default package managers.

But it isn't hard for people to remove Snap from the system either, it's a simple command

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Snap and Flatpak were supposed to solve problems, by making installation of packages universal, easier and remove dependency troubles.
In some ways, it did work. There is a more universal approach with Snaps and Flatpaks. Plus one, there.
But they created whole new problems. Being universal and carrying along their own dependencies meant isolating the packages from the system files. Double sandboxing. This really breaks many applications - many apps out there simply can never be used as Snaps or Flatpaks because of this - which in turn, means that the users will have to rely on using .debs anyway. This creates the necessity of using multiple package formats which is what Snap and Flatpak were supposed to avoid.
It also begs the question as to whether the Universality was needed in the first place. There are ridiculously few packages that are formatted for one distro and cannot be installed on a different distro. It is far more reliable to use alien to convert and .rpm to a .deb than it is to use a Snap or Flatpak.

These statements bear repeating.
Under the hood, it is quite clear that Zorin OS is not just "re-skinned" Ubuntu. Once you get into the files, you see the great many adaptations and changes made. Files made for and formatted for Zorin OS. What is particularly stunning is how infrequently these Zorin Specific files conflict with universality.
As an example: We all know about how installing AMD drivers can cause an issue since the release_ID is Zorin, not Ubuntu. This is on AMD, not Zorin, since AMD lazily opted to make the installer try to recognize known major distros instead of making it fetch the actual distro release_ID. But as an example, it demonstrates a conflict.
Such can happen with many applications because they must reference specific distro files. It is exceptionally rare for these to conflict in Zorin. I have only ever discovered two that did. It was found immediately following the Zorin OS 15 release in Beta form and again the 16 release in Beta form and Kyrill and Artyom immediately corrected them once notified.
Zorin OS Meshes its added software and extensions well. Users can relate to this since many users will install or add their own software or extensions and run into troubles getting them to mesh. You can then easily imagine what the ZorinGroup goes through in development of the next full release of Zorin OS.

ZorinGroup has always prioritized two things in their distro:

  • Familiarity
  • Performance

Familiarity, we all know about. Performance is more interesting; since it deals far more with what is running in the services than it does with what you can visibly see on the desktop.

For anyone who wants to create a metric by which to gauge how the ZorinGroup spend their time in development - they need only try to recreate Zorin OS. While their knowledge and experience would allow them to do it faster and with a bit less troubleshooting; it would still give any user a better understanding of the myriad of little details, hardware differences and the like that must be checked off on lists for testing.

The latest and Greatest: I suspect that this is an issue that will always rage on. Logically, the latest hardware may indeed need the latest kernel. Sadly, the kernels released seem to be coming with a lot of regressions. It is very difficult to test and balance the most universal kernel to include in a distro. Just looking at the release number is not going to give a good indicator. Yet, we often see users on the forum saying, "This other distro is using kernel 5.17! Why isn't Zorin?" Because a slew of other users wifi would break, that's why.

Sometimes a later version is a good progression. Sometimes it isn't. With Two People manning ZorinGroup - we as users can bear the brunt of the load by individually stepping up to do our own research. As a Team Effort, ZorinGroup and ZorinUsers can accomplish far, far more. This has the added benefit of the users expanding and developing their own horizons, enabling them to achieve more with their daily use Operating System.

This, as a debate, is quite interesting, as it allows us to test our assumptions.
Please continue to weigh the merit of ideas, our own or others - and to accept merit-based conclusions over preferred conclusions.


It would be a resounding no in my opinion to Snaps and Flatpaks. They should have just kept going with deb and rpm's. They could have created them to pull in dependencies automatically if it wasn't found on the system, instead of a message telling you that you need this or that. Though a warning that it may break your system should appear, in particular on older devices.

And it's not only in regards to the kernel but of software. People scream they want the latest and greatest out there without realizing their hardware may not be able to handle it. Then we will see post after post of the complaining that it doesn't work right. No, it works fine you're just trying to use the latest and greatest on 5 year old hardware.

This is why I am not a fan of all these distro's saying bring that old laptop back to life with our OS. People put it on old hardware that even Win 7 would have trouble running on and then expect Linux to be some kind of miracle cure. Plus as you mentioned they are regressing on the Kernel, and software is following. You can not continue to support and add support for outdated hardware.

I must say..I was surprised with all the things you wrote on your post...with most if not all being incorrect. I never said Zorin OS is bad..otherwise I would have never come back. It is one of the best distro that exists currently. But the fact that everything you said is wrong, tells that you have not gotten out much apart from reading reviews and news about other Linux desktops and distros.

Firstly let my clarify gnome-software is the package name of the GNOME software store. That explains why you were so confused and also makes 50% of things that you said worthless for example:


Really? I could not find anything of that sort. I might be wrong but I would be glad to be proven incorrect.

Obviously they are...If you put it that way, Debian and Fedora Linux are also the same thing, when, of course, the are not.

And you don't think that makes a difference? What do you think a first time linux user would feel like when they realize that first thing the need to do get their computer working is to download and install graphics drivers and that too not all of them will work correctly and whichever they install is practically a hit or miss?

And that..yes I also said that:

but why have the Zorin devs not done anything all this time? Thats the question.

And yet Mint, Pop!_OS, Elementary OS, and most other ubuntu based distros don't come with Snapd?

Ubuntu has created its very own Ubiquity installer that normal people can understand. It's repos have much much more packages in them. Debian lacks so many drivers that you will 5 out of 10 times have some driver issues just after a fresh install unless you install the drivers.

Actually you don't because the extensions are basically built for GNOME there is almost no chance that it won't work correctly. And the extensions only break after GNOME releases Extension developers don't release broken extension for a particular release of GNOME.

Tell that to the EOS devs. They will tell you otherwise.

Extensions that were created by Pop!_OS devs and not someone else.

I told you why it isn't the same thing. I ask again which particular feature that does not include other people's work are unique to Zorin OS.

This is only a feedback and is for the Zorin Devs to read. There is no reason to get jumpy about it. I have not said anything against Zorin OS and neither have criticized it. If you don't value the feedback they you don't have to bother so much. If I have included any misinformation (which I am certain I have not) then the you can also report that. There is no reason to start a debate at everything I say.

This post is an intevention.
@Elegant_Emperor , great care must be taken in choosing words in which you say a persons ideas are wrong or incorrect as shown in this case.
What @DeanG has said is accurate.
As an outside observer / reader, I vouch for this accuracy.

Allow me to give you an example: Is Zorin OS different from Ubuntu?
Clear definitions can become essential just to meaningfully answer this question. Because if a person says either "yes" or "no", a reply could find any manner of spin to say that "they are wrong."
Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu and most fixes for Ubuntu Issues will work on Zorin OS. In this sense, you could say that they are essentially the same.
Zorin OS includes added configuration and customization, which sets it apart from Ubuntu in performance, appearance and usage. In this sense you could say it is essentially different for user experience.
Clearly; the words "incorrect" or "wrong" go to extremes and cannot be applied here.
This example applies to this quote rather heavily:

To those of us who have indeed created (in my case, unreleased and won't be anytime soon... for obvious reasons...) a distro of our own - this creates a lot of understanding of what defines differences - and how some differences are less easily seen from a surface view.

You provided your feedback - based on how you feel about the OS, your observations and suggestions of things that could improve.
DeanG provided his feedback, based on what you pointed out, that allows for a careful examination of perceptions, questions what the terms mean and allows for comparison of distros. That is actually a pretty scientific approach.
I would not consider it "jumpy defensiveness" of Zorin OS, when the points made are valid and worthy of consideration.

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Ah..I am sorry if my choice words were not civil but how does that makes my post an intevention..Wait what is intevension?


What is "wrong" is the information that the post concerned conveyed.

This did not contain any evidence with it and I did search about it after @DeanG mentioned that but I could not find anything of that sort.

Then they also got the meaning of gnome-software "wrong" which also led to confusion with loads of assumptions made by them.

Then they also "wrongly" say that my posts are only concerned with GUI and Eye-candy only whereas, I have not even talked of GUI once and my whole feedback only deals about features.

They call my statement "incorrect" when it isn't and this was already talked about in a different thread. @Aravisian did you fail to spot this?

They wrote this statement inaccurately. They failed to appreciate what the developers of EOS have done to make their distribution by saying that it is filled and prodded with extensions whereas there are no forked extensions if you check their github page or very little if you only guess by looking at the default interface. They failed to notice all the applications that were created by the EOS devs and the effort they put in for that.

This too, if you carefully, could easily mislead any user into thinking that Pop!_OS just like Zorin OS includes extension that were created by others. And just like in the case of EOS they failed to appreciate the work of the devs of Pop!_OS Anyone can detect the inference.

My posts on the other hand:

They keep repeating an obvious fact that they use to assert that all distros have a common base and so all of them are the same.

I as a volunteer and a helpful community member have spent a lot of time helping and debating; putting down my ideas. But I won't stand it when someone else keeps asserting and repeating the same points that I have already addressed.

Thread was temporarily closed in order to create a few minutes of Slow Mode while I tried to organize not just a valid reply, but to repress my own humanity as much as any other member must.

It's a typo...:stuck_out_tongue: I meant intervention. I worded it as a Fast Reminder...

I will let DeanG support DeanG's statements.

Irrelevant, however... IF I say the sky is blue and you are not looking out the window at that moment to check; you cannot say that "I am wrong" about the sky color without you knowing one way or the other.

I have covered this already.

You both are valid and helpful contributors.

And so am I.
I have put a lot of time and valid effort into helping the forum. I am also one of the more vocal critics of Zorin OS, ZorinGroup and Zorin Forum.

  • Zorin Forums word filter
  • ZorinGroups silence and necessary news on developments and releases / dates of release

It's a long list and I don't feel the need to repeat it all here. Critical feedback can be helpful. It also can be questioned and tested to see if it has merit.

You have voiced feedback that much of it I consider Valid. But some of it deserves more critical examination in order to Understand it and Understand its cause.
DeanG posted ideas that question yours. It would be more productive to address the merit of them, than to not check, assume they are "wrong", then declare them "wrong" as fact.

Also as an aside:
ZorinGroups native nation is currently fighting off an invasion from a large and powerful country.
I am certain that all members can be understanding of any distraction the ZorinGroup may be coping with at this time. Feedback of their products are still helpful - but patience for when and if they react to is is also helpful.


While they may all be Debian-based the end products are refined differently - in the same way, a Lexus or Daihatsu is a Toyota the final look feel and drive are different. But it is different than ubuntu ~ and if you try to do dev work using Zorin, you'll have to add libraries header and such that come pre-installed on stock ubuntu for example. The core engine may eb the same but the final product is customized enough to diffrent

Zorin is polished and is the lexus in this example :slight_smile:


Lexus and Toyota share the same frame and chassis. So, mechanically speaking, it is a good analogy. But it may need some tweaking.
It is a lot easier to modify Zorin OS, as a base system, making it into a new or different OS, than it is to Modify a Toyota and make it into a Lexus.

Continuing the analogy, the way I read @Elegant_Emperor 's comments; he appears to be saying that Zorin OS is like the Eagle Talon and Ubuntu is the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

If this analogy holds... and continuing this trend...
Then @DeanG 's comment would stand as suggesting that in spite of many outward appearances; that most car models are essentially the same as other makers models. On the surface, this may look like nonsense.
But as I am a mechanic myself, I could actually surprisingly support this statement.
The ball joints on the 1965 chevy C-10 pickup are the same as they are on all makes and models of pickups in that class all the way up until 1989.
That is just one example of an interchangeable part.
You can play with more examples using eBay as a control group. Look up specific parts and then look at the Long List of the many year/make/models - and many of those long lists are actually incomplete.
And you don't think Chevy designed and built the engine, do you? Or the speed sensor... These components are manufactured by some other company.
Automakers will even boast of this fact:
Cummins Engine. Allison Transmission. Dana Differential.

Some automakers do make their own engines on their own design: Hemi(spherical) engines, for example. Fords titanium series. But this still fits the analogy as many devs do script and make their own extensions, add-ons, or other components.
Including Zorin OS. But ZorinGroup and Mint and other devs are not going to take on more work than is necessary by scripting from scratch when a perfectly good script is already available. The first step is to search up an Open Source piece.
Or even, to modify an existing component to suit them, using it as a base.

DeanG's points are valid, and equally valid to Elegant_emp's observations. They are neither right nor wrong, just heavily dependent on definitions.
I would prefer to not paste a long list of the chain a person can follow of Zorin alterations because some of the many under-the-hood changes are not so visible, but deal with peak performance. I do not know if they are intended to be a trade secret...
But I'd rather not take responsibility for it.
Any user can elevate to the top level of the tree in root and search for "zorin" pulling up all files that bear the name. Many of these are based on Existing Open Source Scripts but... what is telling is that when it gets renamed to Zorin, it means many of them have been modified.


I understand what you are saying apart from car stuffs. But if I follow your analogy closely and @DeanG's:

then one can also claim that Mac OS and Linux and even Windows are the same thing with a collection of nothing more than other softwares, drivers, desktops and libraries brought together and packaged as one. Just like every car is a collection of an engine, a radiator, a battery, gear, steering wheel and 4 wheels.

I am not asking the devs to create something from scratch that already exists. I asked them add features that are both UNIQUE and example of a CREATIVITY of the devs themselves. I am talking of features that are visible to the human eye. Bug fixes and performance optimization is a common practice by all developers who maintain a software. There is nothing unique about that and there is nothing creative about that. I go on shouting the words 'unique' and 'creative (on the part of the devs)' from the beginning yet everyone seems to skip the words.

Let me tell you that this feedback of mine was largely influenced by a reddit post. I felt bad reading it because Zorin OS is the first linux distribution that i have used. Zorin OS to me feels like home.

Yes, a person could say this; reasonably even.
And I also agree that the defining differences can be quite stark, too.

I think that we could browse the Feature Requests and find some good suggestions on how the devs could do this.
And the ZorinGroup expanding their team would be a very good step in the right direction. I suspect that they have reasons why they have retained a small size...

I couldn't help it. When I read the reddit post- I laughed.
And it is uh... Well... I like brutal honesty. Although harsh, it isn't exactly throwed-off, either.
Renaming several packages to a Zorin Name gives the ZorinGroup copyright ability over those open source packages. This bothers me, too and I have commented on this on the forum openly before.

While Zorin OS can get critical feedback, it also gets rave reviews, too:

What makes Zorin OS "unique" is it has a simpler and more refined way of presenting a Windows-Familiar experience combined with excellent performance.


The word "BOTH".

Anyways there is no point debating on this because the truth will remain the truth until the fact itself is changed. Lets just stop the discussion cuz I am tired of it.

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Zorin OS themes, appearance application, layouts etc are examples of Creativity. As Zorin OS has the main Objective of providing Windows-Familiarity, then Uniquely Creative becomes problematic when the M.O. is to resemble an existing O.S. structure.

I do not know what this means... A thing that is true will simply remain true.

You have this option. Others may still choose the option of posting their thoughts.
As I just did.
It is quite clear that you strongly support the work ZorinGroup has done even if there is always room for suggestions and improvement on any project.
It may be interesting to see what other users suggest or observe.


I knew it sounds like a riddle.
The things I said will remain true and debating on it is pointless because debating won't make it untrue. The only thing that will make it untrue is by changing the fact itself i.e when Zorin devs do something about it.

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