Zorin os 16 pro stability on my amd pc

once more i guess i should tell you my pc specs:-
cpu :- amd fx 6300 (2013)
gpu :- nvidia gt 710 (ddr5)
storage drive:- hdd- 320 gb
ssd:- 480 gb
motherboard:- gigabyte G8 78LMT-S2(2013)
monitor:- dell 2014H(2013) 1080p 60hz
ram :- 8gb ddr3 1333mhz
smps upto 220v at 5 amps(i guess)

well i found something usually zorin lacks, crashes, something goes wrong with it; in short we all know linux is not that stable but still being free it is much more stable than windows for both new and older hardware. i didn't face any lag while using zorin, but yes faced problems while using zorin or any other ubuntu system.

according to my findings on my pc zorin or ubuntu usually stays stable without any problems for maximum 10 days, but that's not an issue because these things can easily be fixed by a simple restart. but the main problem comes every month when the system usually crashes or is not able to find some system files that it doesn't know where the heck it saved it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: .

there comes the problem the real user needs performance which linux has and i am happy to report that i started a thread on that. linux or specially zorin is packed with performance , no doubt it is much better than windows in performance and ofcourse better in stability for old hardware. but, it isn't that good !! if something is made for old hardware it should make the best out of it and atleast provide stability as much as windows( especially made for new hardware) on new hardware.

leave window!!
everyone knows windows is trash, right?

now, lets see LINUX Vs MAC, for sure keeping in mind that linux is free ( but zorin po isn't)
MAC has everything it is stable,it runs softwares like fluid, most powerful processors, great for developers and oh my THE BATTERY LIFE !!
LINUX has stability( some extend), old hardware support,better than mac for developers and FREE!!!

leave the performance side linux has that on it's side but what it doesn't have is stability. now i can ignore stability on distros like ubuntu,pop!_os,solus,etc since they are FREE but with zorin pro they charge $39+ and they still cant deliver basic features and STABILITY ? why? are we overpaying linux? well,i guess that's a no; but yes we are ( don't know about you but i guess atleast i am) paying zorin too much.
just giving ubuntu with a bunch of wallpapers,animations and designs doesn't mean they can charge a $40. A consumer doesn't need performance specially with old hardware since he/she just needs stability foremost as THAT'S THE BASIC REASON HE/SHE SWITCHED FROM WINDOWS,RIGHT? then, why can't zorin just see their users concern and implement it that way?

just because it is a small business doesn't mean that people will keep buying their products for cheap and still get the same issues they used to get on a windows machine.
the zorin basically just added a little c++ to ubuntu and called it a new os, they even copied kde connect fully and called it zorin connect and they charge us for that?

its like getting charged for using an hackintosh(with many hardware limits) when i can get macos fo free?


You have every reason to feel frustrated. Having expectations is usually advisable to be had with caution. But this does not mean that people should not only have expectations, but expect them to be met.

I have done a lot of distro hopping. The primary reason I stay with Zorin OS is; it just works. It works out of the box on every machine I have installed it on.
Your experience and mine are very different.

But this difference is indicative of a larger issue within LInux, itself, not in Zorin.
Consider everything that goes into any OS. Microsoft... Mac or any Linux Distro.
Microsoft still can't quite get it right and they have upwards of 180,000 employees.
Apple has over 140,000 employees.
All of the developers contained within that total are Job-Stable and Well Paid. They are specialized, all working together toward ONE stable OS. One and only one stable OS.

Linux, on the other hand, is developed by a large number (an unknown number) of enthusiasts, volunteers and employees. Many applications on Linux are developed for a very broad range of distros, variety and entirely different desktop environments. While Microsoft is a $2 trillion company, Canonical turned over just under $200,000 last year.
Why pay for Zorin? This really is why. You say it is free... It raises the question: Maybe it shouldn't be.

How many people are Truly involved in Zorin Development? More than two.
The ZorinGroup is the Final Developer in the chain. But the other developers include those working at Canonical. Those working on the Kernel. Those developing the Drivers.
The ZorinGroup simply cannot develop all the drivers, the kernel, the windowing system, the desktop environment... That is a lot of specialized work.
Just as if you buy a Chevy Truck... Chevy did not make the engine. Or the transmission. They assembled it. You still pay for the Chevy truck, though.
When you look at how Linux is developed... That it works as well as it does is actually pretty amazing.
But it also demonstrates how very much we, the users, need to appreciate and Support Developers. Linux truly needs that.

Your Computer specs all were made for Windows with no concern for Linux, at all. Gigabyte is notorious for disregarding Linux. So is Nvidia. And so is AMD. The very computer you have, by its build and design, resists Linux, giving you a very different experience than I have had, on primarily Intel Machines.
For this reason, I encourage you to contact @AZorin or @zorink and reach out for a refund on Zorin OS Pro. I think your experience warrants it and you should be taken care of.
Your machine really is a tough one on Linux.

I think I said in another thread that I treat Zorin OS like a Lego toy. I take it apart and then reassemble it suit my own needs. I can assure you, that having been all the way under the hood, Zorin OS is not re-skinned Ubuntu. There are a lot of additions, tweaks, changes; all aimed toward the user experience and the performance that Zorin OS is known for. And we can all test this, comparing Ubuntu 20.04 and Zorin OS 16 side by side- I have done so.
Your experiences justify your frustration. But please do not allow that to cloud your view.


Towards the end you mentioned how they took some things and added some code. I'm not a SE but I am not completely ignorant either. Zorin team did something for sure that was a lot more than just adding some code, KDE connect has worked best on Zorin than it had on Pop OS, Manjaro, Ubunutu, and a couple other distros I tried it with. Zorin made it work right out of install where I had to tweak so much and trouble shoot with the other distros. Some other software so far has just worked without issue, Discord for example didn't work out of the box for me on Manjaro and I had to trouble shoot and figure out why it wasn't updating or installing properly. So while most people may not think the $40 for the "Pro" version may not be worth it since you really only get wallpapers and such (which I quite like), the rest of what is available in Core and Pro with function and form seems worth the support the team gets for the $40 alone. Alternatively you could have just gotten Core and not paid anything and then you probably wouldn't be here talking about the $40 they ask and instead just have issues with stability.

For context I run Zorin OS on 2 machines, a MSI GE62 laptop and my desktop which has a Ryzen 3700X with a Radeon 5700xt.

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Have you checked your RAM usage with Stacer after 10-days? I bet your gonna notice 6GB to 7GB of RAM being used out of your available 8GB-7.5GB(System Reserve) If you notice your RAM usage is high, that is the reason for your crashing most likely.

This is a thing that Gnome does, it uses up your RAM, and refuses to relinquish any of it, and thats why restarting is the usual fix. You wanna see my RAM usage after 33-days of running without restart?

Isn't that something? And even though the RAM usage was still nowhere near my MAX available RAM, I did notice that my system was acting a bit on the sluggish side. Despite the fact I have a 8-core 16-thread 10th gen Intel CPU and an Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU.

Its just another nail going into the Gnome coffin. See what I mean?

Gnome sucks!

You know what I am waiting for? I got a NVME drive with Zorin OS 16 LITE waiting for it, please bring on that sweet sweet XFCE, for may the amazing Zorin OS truly LITE up my life with joy.

linux(especially zorin) should be stable atleast, look i am not asking to be mac or NASA stable but atleast be usable. like, yesterday only i dual booted zorin and linux mint and the whole system broke.
at first it said

after several switch offs and restarts it said " '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' file not found". how can ubuntu/linux crash after dual booting the same family operating system. windows is not at all stable but atleast for new hardwares is stays stable for a year minimum and we all know windows was and will be only available for new hardware. if windows was from always made for new hardware and on new hardware it works quite snappy and smooth for atleast a year that means windows does what it is made or with stability.
but linux which is made for old hardware, which is known to work flawless with old hardware should do its work should provide atleast stability to these old hardware users. now, everyone here knows mac is the stable most it can run for more than 4 years without any hiccup(there are exceptions, but very few).
issue with linux is both self destroyer and self healer, like i said after dual booting linux mint zorin crashed but after 6 hours when i switched my pc on it was fine,but it took 6 hours to self heal. now, i am not a pro user who knows what,when and why this happens in an os but i guess linux made itself too much complicated, i guess there are too many string attached that's why if i pull one string the whole thing falls off and the same is with windows but in that intead me pulling the string windows itself does that and thats why the experience is horrible.

i guess, that is the only reason these many people from every corner of the world who developed it, didn't make it right, they made it so that the os works in one condition but doesn't in another since they don't know each other and it is only the users who check and os and report it to them if something works or not, but things differ user to user. linux should be stable and for it has to form a real company, even if they sell their os for less most of the windows users won't have any problem since they will have to change to linux after 3-4 years of windows max. the user should be given a 90 days os trial period and if they want it they can buy it after that.
but please make it STABLE!!

DELL used to make ubuntu based laptops even lenovo and hp used to sell these laptops, but they stoped. why? one of the reason was linux is reliable(for sure) and secure but not stable they are impossible to use by an average user.
i am a little more than average user but as i said early if there isn't stability performance doesn't matter.
linux is sold one three main things:-

  1. customizability
  2. security
  3. variety of hardware.
    linux can be installed anywhere on a macbook, a pc, smart tv anything that has a cpu can run with linux (even my washing machine runs on linux). nowadays atleast in india( which is approx 1/4 of world) i can see only windows and mac computers only expensive computers like dell xps 13 editor's edition comes with ubuntu installed or supports ubuntu before hand. nowadays every computer is either made for windows or mac but that doesnt mean that linux developers shouldn't do anything if hardware is repellent linux should make themselves more flexible.

i don't want a refund, what i gave to zorin was a donation it was a help. i started this thread as constructive criticism look as i said it before and saying it again "i love linux, especially zorin" zorin is beautiful no wonder what but the actual thing is it isnt stable that has been my problem from the start. stability is important as a student but linux cant provide me that i guess.

yes!! that's why it suits you, you know linux through out you know by changing this, this will happen, but me as a learner or someone else as a begginer would be stuck where the problem comes, i know there is forum to help but the help comes after a day or so it never is fast, you might be stuck preparing a ppt or scribbling some homework and the pc crashes

It... doesn't self-heal... But computer problems can be complex and do remarkable things.

I have already pointed out: Gigabyte Motherboard combined with Nvidia combined with AMD.
Zorin OS is quite stable.
But Linux as a whole suffers from exclusion by certain manufacturers - those three named above being among the biggest. Sure Dell did not and others do not; but this does not mean that Gigabyte does not.
If you wish to put pressure for stability and vent your frustration, I can only suggest that you do so against the culpable parties:

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all i did was constructive criticism i donated these $40 to zorin 'cause i love linux and love what zorin is doing with it. but it isn't stable. i offer you to answer the same question i asked @Aravisian in the new reply.

And when I am complaining someone put the thread on slow mode. Why? Soon they will close it. It is because of these so called developers linux isn't developing everyone here is a paid chap, zorin pays them to praise zorin and Ubuntu based systems. Atlast zorin is also a company.

There isn't one person on this forum that is paid. The developers look in once and again but tend to leave the maintenance and handling of issues to the moderators.

I've had issues with my zorin as well... but instead of wasting time complaining about it i found what works for my machine. I ditched gnome because that is where a good amount of the issues reside, went with kde and haven't had one issue since.

You might want to look at a better computer manufacturer than Dell. HP is considered superior to Dell and that's still mid range computers. Try Asus, acer, Toshiba or Samsung. They cost more because they're worth it.

It's like buying a Chevy sprint and expecting mustang speeds with Cadillac comfort... yeah.

The thread was set to slow motion so that users can consider what they're posting and not attack people or groups of people. You want to complain, but you haven't asked for help or even attempted to resolve the issues you are facing. No, Linux didn't get it right for all machines, but it is fixable.

You think you can do better... make an os. I'll volunteer to test it. All the code is freely available. Show everyone else up. Since you know everything that is wrong you should have it fixed in no time.

You paid 40 for this os, you paid ms hundreds each year... how much has that improved? Unless you enjoy them data mining your hard drives and selling your info, that is the only part of windows that works flawlessly... so you don't know it's there.

I'm learning software development. Have come to realize the difficulty in creating software and you know what... for what they have fixed and improved upon where even Ubuntu, pop and mint have yet to catch up... they're doing one HELL of a job. I'd pay them monthly if i had it like that.

Give win 11 a try. You might find that more your comfort zone. You only have to give ms control of your computer, if they want it. Enjoy.


I did.
The reason why is due to your inflammatory comments. I placed it in Slow Mode in order to limit the possibility of a flame war erupting and it was an attempt to prevent the closure of a legitimate thread. If I wanted to close the thread right away, I could have and would have.

These comments:

Like paid government shills?
The evidence suggests otherwise. I, myself, have criticized the ZorinGroup several times on Open Forum.

I would not call these comments Constructive criticism and labeling it as such does not and will not remove their inflammatory nature.

These statements are not even accurate... For example; Zorin Connect is built off of GSConnect, not KDE connect.

You predict the thread being closed; while making a series of personal attacks on the character of those on this forum. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I agree with @337harvey 's comments above 100%. He stated it quite well.
You could address the issues, instead of attacking the people.


During my personal adventure of living in different continents with different cultures, I have met those who could not believe that Linux community is running on the volunteer bases. I finally gave up on them and let them believe what they want to believe.

We all have a limited amount of time on the stage called life.

Let's move on to something more useful than get caught on this dead-end exchange. This will be my first and last posting on this subject.