Zorin OS 16 Suddenly Show Black Screen After Power Off Laptop Zorin OS showing black screen

Sir, Before Zorin OS 16. I am using dual boot window 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.

Sir, Yesterday I install Zorin OS (modern NVIDIA Drivers) on my Laptop with Bootable USB of Zorin OS and uninstall Ubuntu.

Sir, I like Zorin OS Theme and Style.
Sir, I install all my useful software.

Sir, Yesterday Night I am using Zorin OS and It is working fine. Suddenly it show me Black Screen but my Laptop is ON and Charger is Plugged In. I wait 5 minutes but nothing happen. Then I press Power Button and My Laptop Off.

Sir, After this happen. When I turn on my laptop Zorin OS Show me black screen.

Sir, Please Help me!

My Laptop Specs
Dell Precision M4700
Processor: Core i5 3rd Gen
Graphic Card: NVIDIA Quadro K2000M (2GB)

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

brcmsmac is a Broadcom WiFi module.
How are you connecting to wireless network?

If you are using USB Wifi dongle, you could temporarily remove it to see if it helps.

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Sir, I Disable Laptop Wifi from Above Laptop Button.
Sir, Now the brcmsmac Error is not Showing.


@ FrenchPress Thanks for Helping.


Glad it is now working for you :slight_smile:
By the way, you got my gender wrong - like many people on this forum :wink:

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