Zorin OS 16 version names

I think that it would be really cool thing, if different Zorin OS 16 versions, like Core would be showing Zorin os 16 Core in Gnome settings - about system. The same goes to PRO version, and Lite, Education. So it would differ more in that way. And maybe implement it into neofetch also. I think, that it's simple, but something really neat to have, for example like in WIndows 10 in system settings it's shows Home or Pro.


Hi Altand,

Seems like interesting feature request.

For system it needs update from dev side, but about neofetch , you can edit manually :slight_smile:


Agreed - it is not unusual that a member joins the forum and is uncertain whether it was Education,Core, Lite or whatever that they ended up installing.
As some of these users are fresh and new to Linux over-all, they cannot be expected to recognize different desktops at a glance.
This would be a Great Feature.

And it is easy to do:)


How would I use the terminal to do that? I did the first command listed when i looked up the program via command line in Terminal, do i need to run the update command through terminal after installing neo? What are these command line inputs specifically.

@marko94 I figured it out I was wrong on how I typed neofetch command in terminal (typed it incorrectly). Input is telling me my version now. Thank you so much for pointing out the neofetch command. That is truely helpfull.

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