Zorin OS 16 vs Pop! OS 21.04

Glad to hear that GOG is going well, even though you still have issues with languages.

As far as what Zorin did, I don't think Zorin did anything, other then include the Windows Program Loader, which is a component of WINE.

I forget which WINE version it was that I installed, but one of them comes with the Windows Program Loader. I just did a Google search, learned how to install it.

But hey, if it works in Terminal, that can't be all bad. AT least with terminal you can see if there are any errors. Only problem with launching GUI, is that GUI's don't usually provide error information unless an APP crashes lol.

Transfer games over from zorin os lutris to pop os was also very easy. I just mount the ssd where zorin and the games are installed on and just add those in lutris and they run out of the box. I had to reinstall vredist from mass effect legendary edition to get it the game to work.

My stacer:

Gnome lockscreen when unlocking is the same as Zorin OS -> GNOME lockscreen

So it's not Zorins fault or pop.



See, I like it when things are easy, makes life happy. I see your rocking that beautiful background of the tropics, very nice. Also, if you had widened the window on your Stacer in the last screenshot, you would have been able to see what process was running.

But the memory usage is the bare minimum that I have seen my POP OS use as well. But its not so much POP OS itself, its really mostly Gnome. Well that and, Chrome, and yes freaking CLAMTK virus deffinitions of the CLAMD style. LOL

And yes you are right it is the same, cause they are both using the same one from Gnome isn't it? And since they are both using the same Gnome shell 3.38, that kind of makes both OS's the same in certain areas.

@StarTreker, i managed to get the nvidia driver installed from the nvidia website. Didn't find a good tutorial because there where things missing. So i created my own tutorial for now. Need it ? because you can update nvidia without uninstalling the previous one + it signs dkms module so if pop os does a kernel upgrade you dont have to reinstall the driver again.

pop OS! running 470.74 driver :smiley:

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HEHE, Michel you are a tricky one you are. Look at you, upgraded to the latest version. POP OS was like, "Yawn....I will upgrade to 470.74 when I am ready" And then you were like, "No you will upgrade it now, fine, I will do it myself"


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Yeah i can do some testing on pop os! haha. Now i want to test dkms on zorin to see if i have to reinstall nvidia again after kernel upgrade haha.

Tutorial for manually install the nvidia driver on Pop! OS 21.04:


Also what i really like in pop os is the dkms function that is pre installed. When i now swap to a different kernel i don't have to reinstall my nvidia driver anymore like i have to do in zorin os. Why is this not added by default ? Linux mint used this function already back in 2014.

I have no idea, maybe the Zorin bro's don't know anything about it? :thinking:

Well i changed my tutorial again, added dkms install for zorin.

Today i manually installed wine and winetricks, now i get the option to install .exe files from gog. Also my mass effect games didn't boot in lutris because it lacked of directx, i managed to bypass this to add directx 11 as native in lutris. But i didn't like it and installed directx from the game it self, removed the native option and it's working great :sunglasses:

Pop OS! is getting my interest now haha, i have everything running like i have on zorin os now.

@StarTreker, do you know why i can't create new text documents on the desktop in Pop OS! ? Fixed, create new txt document and save it in templates

Awesome, looks like your getting things configured quite nicely. Once you get it all setup how you want it, its really an awesome gaming OS. And there is nothing wrong in rocking two Linux distro's at one time, as long as the other OS your rocking, is not Windows lol.

I just told my wife today that i am not going to use windows anymore because i can do everything on linux (with games now) what i used to do in windows. Steam did a fantastic job there with proton. Lutris is much easier to use than in the past.

Yeah i do have windows on a nvme drive sitting there. But i don't think windows 10 will last long there :rofl:. Maybe i will install pop! os on it so i don't need to use the external drive.

Time to put windows through the shredder, then sends the shreads out the window. Actually no don't do that, that would pollute the environment. lol

I am so glad that you are enjoying Limux now. You see, there is no point in screwing around with Windows once you can play your games on Linux.

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@StarTreker, I have 2 drives in ntfs and if i run linux i have to manually mount them in zorin and pop. If i format those to a linux partition i dont have to mount them anymore right ???

Open DISKS utility.

Click on the drive you want to change on the left. Then on the right, click the :gear: icon.



Put a check on MOUNT ON STARTUP


I want to format them to ext4 ? or whatever linux is using these days.

Wanna wipe everything on the laptop in the future so windows 10 is removed from my nvme. I want to use the nvme drive for Pop! OS (fresh install), i want to use the other M2 drive for zorin os and the third drive (2tb ssd) for games to install on.

The easiest way to do this is to load into Zorin OS, then load the DISKS APP.

Click on the drive you want to format on the left. Then on the right side, click on the 3-DOTS. Click Format Disk. Format the drive to use the GPT partition table, this is what Linux uses. And if your not going to use Windows, then you don't need DOS/MBR.

Once the drive has been formatted, it should now be ready for use. Fire up the POP OS installer, and install POP OS on it.

Maybe Zorin 16 Pro vs Mx Linux?

I must be dreaming working without installation drivers. :grinning:

Nice work @Bourne. Works good for you ?

@StarTreker, after that it auto mount ?


You were asking me how to prepare your drive for POP OS installation, not about auto mounting.

Auto mounting features is for other drives in the system, to allow them to be mounted on startup. For example, a games library on an external hard drive. You'd want that auto mounted on startup.


I find it interesting that MX Linux is using an older kernel 4.19? And it appears according to you, its working perfectly fine without installation of GPU drivers.

I also find it interesting that the OS is using a total of 926MB of RAM out of your 16GB available, thats insanely good on RAM usage. Thats the kind of thing that makes having 32GB of RAM not even matter, if your able to to have 15GB of RAM free for use.