Zorin OS 17 Core Files 42.6 NOT working with FTP on local network? How to fix?

As the title suggests I just replaced Fedora 39 with Zorin 17 Core and when I went to create the normal FTP connection to my FileZilla Server account on my local Server it keeps telling me "This location could not be displayed". So knowing what my FTP account is and knowing I entered the credentials correctly I have tried over and over for hours yesterday. Then I installed FileZilla to see if something was wrong with the account or the network but FileZilla works perfectly.

So why is the Files app 42.6 broken with standard FTP functions? Files worked PERFECTLY on Fedora. I would prefer to use Files for simple copy/paste functions on my local network. Can someone help me please?

Just a guess, but it looks like ZorinOS 17 doesn't come with vsftpd installed by default, which may be required based on some issues that I've found online. To install that, open a terminal window and run the following command:

sudo apt install vsftpd

And try again.

EDIT: Fedora 39 also doesn't have it installed by default so this may not be it, unless you recall having installed it?

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