Zorin OS 17 Pro - Google password problems

Have been stumbling my way through 16.5 Pro...
Installed on multiple PCs (aka "M82", "T430"
Fresh ("clean") install of 17 pro with high hopes and expectations;
Believe I selected "automatically logon" ( to save constantly typing in 14-character password)... evidently did not click the correct radio button (requires password as PC fades to "sleep" (yet to get back to changing power settings)
To the point:
Attempted the Zorin Connect process during install... failed.
As a remnant of my windows days, had two google/youtube accounts.
Samsung J5 (2016) cell; (AFAIK, Android) connected via USB... allowed access
Issue is that, which has occurred numerous times with 16.5 (something to do with "default keyring"... forgot password... need to reset/change keyring password),
"incorrect (google/gmail) password"...
interesting, as the notebook (T430) sitting next to me, can log onto google/gmail account without problems... using the correct/current password.
through reading postings related, understand that the issue lies with Google/gmail/youtube in Linux/Ubuntu environment.
more than willing to switch to Firefox/Thunderbird... however would really like to "import bookmarks" from the aforementioned G-stuff.
Google purportedly sends "2-step" confirmations... no joy.
help! (FWIW, "John57" zorin forum user name is still associated with my gmail address... which I cannot log on to :frowning: