Zorin OS 17 takes 2 months?

I am on Pop OS and to be honest I don't like it and just the OS takes lots of memory. I want to come back to Zorin. Would I just install version 16 or 17? How long would 17 take? 2 more months?

If you install Z16.3 now you will get the Zorin Upgrader tool included. That tool should give you the easy means to upgrade to Z17 when it does come along.


On 16.3 can I get the latest kernel (6.x)? And virtual displays feature?

I think there's a guide on that somewhere on the forum. I'm not sure, but try our tutorials forum :slight_smile:

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The current pre-installed version of the Linux Kernel on a fresh copy of ZorinOS is 5.15.0-78-generic

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Ah, sad. Zorin 16 is based on Focal. A lot of my apps are on Jammy and moreover, some are not available for Focal.

Guess I have to wait until Zorin 17 is out.

How many apps are that new?:expressionless:

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A lot more than you'd think, especially those that only recently released

Worse, some have stopped supporting Focal. For example, if you want to install nala on Zorin 16, there is no longer official documentation on doing so, instead you have to manually add a debian repo and check for it's compatibility, making sure not to break your existing packages :woozy_face:

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Documentation is here:

oh great, it seems to have been added again since I last used it, which admittedly was a couple of months back

oh well, there goes my example


I have tried on this one, too. I can find very little that has dropped support for Focal. OIbaf is one that has, but that is normal for them.

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