Zorin OS company history

What is the Z OS's

  • background
  • raison d'etre (given the plethora of linux OS's)
  • people/key players involved
  • coordination/organization
  • backing, funding and income (besides users' donations)
  • long-term financial/technical strategies and goals
  • target audience
  • system (linux) basis/technicalities?

Y'know, I appreciate that some people want to know a wee bit about the 'project' , but.....what right does anyone have to know about the financial side of things? What possible need could any potential user possibly have for that kind of information, hmm?

(.....and for those of us who know what we're doing, we can take 'Core', and turn it INTO 'Pro'. IF we want to, that is....)

Mike. :roll_eyes:

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Yes, there are avenues for legitimate business enterprise to contact the ZorinGroup with inquiries.
Asking on an open forum seems a little odd.


I agree with Aravisian. Its not that the questions themselves are wrong in any way, its that they were asked on open board shortly after the user registered to the forum. It is clear that it is an investigation of sorts. But the questions should have been conveyed in a private message to Azorin.

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