Zorin OS constantly disconnects bluetooth devices

I have the following problem. When I connect my headset (bluetooth) with my PC running Zorin OS, then disconnected the headset either directly or it connects again, disconnected briefly, connects again (...) and then eventually (sometimes, not always) agrees with my PC on a proper connection so that it finally works.
This is annoying when I just want to watch a video and have to wait 5 min before it works.
I'm not a Linux pro or anything, but I'm currently trying to get into it because I think the operating system itself is quite interesting, but then something like this spoils my mood.
Can someone help me with this?
I have tried installing blueman and many other things but none of them worked.

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Can be some kind of interference?

Bluetooth headset battery condition good?


Nice explanation but it's a bit obvious and easy to exclude (assuming that Simply recharged headset :unamused::low_battery::headphones::rofl:). I don't think it's this, I think more about an interference, it happened to me once with a TV antenna (to watch tv on pc) and a bluetooth keyboard, every time I used the keyboard while watching tv programs on my pc was making framerate dropping a bit randomly. In case of headphones you can hear static sound or frequent pauses while listening. Searching interference between bluetooth devices and others I found some results.

What is the terminal output of
bluetoothctl ?
Does it say agent registered?

What is the terminal output of
<cat /etc/bluetooth/input.conf

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Yes, the bluetooth headset battery is fine.

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I've now solved the problem with using another headset after flashing zorin os once again. Everything works fine now. If encounter any further issues I will leave a message here

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