Zorin os freezing while boot repair

I was clicking on boot repair and when it was running grub it freezes, what can I do?.


You may have a corrupted copy.

Will try to install it again. I will use ventoy because I also have pop os.

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Can I use ventoy without formatting my flash drive?

You should be able to, actually.

To install Ventoy, plug in the USB and note its Drive I.D. using disks or terminal.
Then open terminal in the directory you extracted the Ventoy Package in.
In my case, it was in ~/Downloads/ventoy-1.0.55
So I cd'd into it:

cd ~/Downloads/ventoy-1.0.55

Once in that directory, run the install command using the Drive I.D. you got for your USB above(Replace /dev/sdX with the USB Drive I.D.):

sudo sh Ventoy2Disk.sh -i /dev/sdX

So can I install multiple is without formatting my usb once by using this method?

Yes, once Ventoy is installed, just drag and drop an .iso onto that USB drive using your file manager to be able to boot from and use it.

Which ventoy should I install?
Ventoy for windows.
Ventoy for linux.
Ventoy live usb.

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