Zorin OS is wonderful. I'm hooked


This is just a thank you post to the Zorin team for making such a wonder OS that people like me (a Windows user new to Linux) can install and use easily.

I installed Zorin 15 lite on my Lenovo T430 laptop and it installed painlessly and is running smooth as butter. I've been a Window user since v3.0, and stayed with Windows 7 up until now. Not wishing to go on to Windows 10 or 11, I finally starting looking at an alternative OS. After trying many Linux Distros, it became clear that Zorin OS is the perfect fit for me. I'm currently dual booting with Win7, but I expect to go 100% Zorin down the road.

Just wanted to give some user feedback, and say thanks.



Welcome to the Zorin Forum! It is wonderful when the newcomer arrives as that is what keeps the forum alive and thriving. As well as improves our knowledge along the way.

Your comments echo that of many of us (myself included) and are a huge inspiration to hear. I wish many others would post the kind and warm comments to let not only us on the forum to see, but the developers too.

Gives them encouragement as they work towards the next release.


Thank you, @Bubby for the kind welcome. I don't join many forums, but am so thrilled with Zorin OS I just had to join to express thanks. There seems to be a nice community of helpful users here. I'm looking forward to learning Zorin OS more, and using Linux in general, and perhaps joining in the conversations when I can add anything to them.



Welcome Dav and thank you for supporting the OS. Most of the forum members will tell you that they also have the same fondness and familiarity with ZorinOS that most Linux distros fall short on.

Make sure to check out the categories available in the hamburger menu. One you might find very useful is the Tutorials & Guides where you will find common terminal commands, recommended software complete with how to install and other helpful guides.

We look forward to seeing you around the forum.


Thank you, @337harvey. Yes, I am glancing through the Tutorial & Guides area.

Wow - Today I installed the Zorin 16 Core free version on my laptop instead, and it's working beautiful. I wasn't sure this older laptop would run 16 well, so I went with 15 lite first, but 16 is running very well. I'm planning to purchase the pro version to support this development. This is the Windows alternative I have been looking for.


There are much improvements made in Zorin 16.

We are all eagerly waiting for the release of Zorin 16 Lite which is supposed to coming soon (TM).


Hooked like the day you had your first crush, 25-cents in the soda pop machine. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Zorin OS is truly awesome! I couldn't believe that it solved a big problem that I had with POP OS. I don't have keyboard issues, I know, isn't that amazing? Imagine being able to login to the OS, and the keyboard actually works!

With POP OS it was like, toss the coin and prey. I have been running Zorin OS on my main machine for several weeks now. And I have been running Zorin OS on my old dual core machine for even longer.

Zorin OS, it makes life easier when things work.


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