Zorin OS lags/"crashes" when plugging external devices

Zorion OS "crashes" for some seconds when I plug a external device (USB, External HDD, things like this).
I don't think it's my laptop resources, it runs fine Zorion, without any lag, but this happens always when I plug something on the laptop.
Not sure if it's a bug from Zorion, or something related to my laptop (Even my laptop is really bad).

PC config:

This is a not too common Ubuntu issue...
Often, a Reinstall solves it. You might try instead ensuring that in Software & Updates, the Top Four Options on the First tab (for sources) are checked.
Then, ensure that you are set to Main Server (under "Download from")

Once all that is done, open terminal and run

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

By the way: It's Zorin and not Zorion and no need to run neofetch as root as well :slight_smile:

I have corrected the typo in subject line. Just ignor the typo remaining in the OP.

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