Zorin OS Lite glitched

So basically i closed my laptop lid with zorin on for a while then when i came back and opened it, it got stuck and eventually i managed to restart and then it did but then it got stuck on the Z logo and wasnt loading at all so i forced shutdown then turned back on, and then it somehow went into the boot settings and i just hit enter on Zorin then when it turned on i lost basically every app i installed like chrome, geany and other documents but my home folder with my name is still there and most of my settings as well

But what exactly happened here that i lost all my apps and files
Although luckily i backed up the files before and redownloaded the apps again..

I don't use Lite but perhaps @Aravisian can assist on this one. Might also be useful to install Timeshift to take snapshots so you keep most of your data up to date for recovery.

I cannot see anyway that this is related to Core or Lite. From the O.P., it reads a lot more like a Drive error.

Have you run a S.M.A.R.T. test on the drive or run fsck from LiveUSB > Try Zorin?

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nope, although i think it was just a glitch on the laptop itself and not zorin, but I'll continue using the laptop as usual and see if it does it again, but i did update the software on the software updater, so we will see if it fixes that.

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