Zorin OS NVIDIA Drivers not applying the correct profile

We had Gigabyte GERGL Board computers years ago where I worked in a School - awful. Never had an issue with Asus boards but i am aware they have been problematical in the past. My good laydy's computer has an MSI board, single Athlon64 Processor, 2 Gb RAM (maxed out), and an EVGA silent 256 Mb AGP 8x nvidia card - PCLinuxOS KDE 24.04 has run on it in live mode so looking to replace MX-Linux whose currently installed incarnation expires in June so will see how it PCLinuxOS fares as it worked flawlessly in live mode, even picking up Canon LiDE 600F Flatbed Scanner that no other GNU/Linux has been able to do!

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Woah, I mean Gigabyte has probably improved since then in your school years, again though I do have to agree with you there, I've never had a problem with my ASUS Motherboard so maybe they are worth the money, also wow that's incredible that your Laydy's computer runs flawlessly with PCLinuxOS KDE and daym that's surprising how it picks up the Canon LiDE 600F Flatbed Scanner jesus.

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I should also probably point out for anyone scrolling LOL, that the 535 Version in Software & Updates --> Additional Drivers did fix my issue :slight_smile: But I love the chat going on here so that's why I didn't mark anything as I wouldn't want the chat to auto-close. Very thankful though :slight_smile:

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Never heard from this, hahaha! I had a couple of Gigabyte Boards in the Past (in prebuilt PC's and in own built One's) and they run all good. But that doesn't mean that Boards from other Companies don't work good.

At the End there are 2 Questions:

  1. What do You want?
  2. What do You need?

Unfortunately the Answers to that are mostly ... different, haha!


That's true, I've never had a Gigabyte board before, but tbh I don't think board manufacturers fight that much over whose board is better yk, they just sorta make boards and move on with whatever else they do which is awesome but some boards are better than others, and some boards are overkill lol. Just depends on the needs of the user I guess.

Now this, this is so true. Because at the moment I'm fine with my current system, it's just Linux and Linux Distros that aren't fine with it due to NVIDIA but I hope that when the new drivers drop stability should improve! What I want is full AMD for sure, since I know that they just work right out of the gate and there's never any issues with them and I know they work well as I have used AMD systems before and much prefer them over Intel and NVIDIA. What do I need though, well. I'm not too sure as I don't game heavily however I do program so I need RAM for sure for all the Brave Tabs I'll be opening and closing... Yikes. On top of that the heaviest game I've played would probably have to be Watch Dogs Legion since that took up a LOT of resources on both my GPU and CPU and even RAM I think. Other than that though I'm an old skool gamer. I play like Saints Row 1 (Xbox 360 Emulation), 2, 3 and 4 On Steam. Minecraft, Nintendo DS Emulation for Mario Kart DS. Yk just old stuff tbh. And then finally like from time to time I will hop on VR so probably like Beat Saber or VRChat for an hour or longer if I find fun people to be around and play with! So my guess is something High End is what I'll need since I don't just want to get like immediately left behind after 2 - 3 months because a cool game dropped that I genuinely enjoy but can't play due to system specs yk. :slight_smile:

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I would maybe add there are 3 Questions:

  1. What do You want?
  2. What do You need?
  3. What You can afford?

Its usually ends up as some sort of compromise.

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Yeah that's true, like I said above I want full AMD like no doubt about that, I also just want something that works and will last at least 2 - 3 years if not longer if possible. I want something that will play the games I want to play, and hold up somewhat in future games that get released.

What do I need? Full AMD for sure, 32GB RAM definitely and a good Motherboard and PSU so that everything can run smoothly.

What can I afford?
Well I can pretty much afford like whatever I want whether that's high end, low end or mid spec. But to me money isn't an issue, however I don't want to go with the expensive parts if I don't / won't need them or utilize them. Like how people say not every expensive thing is worth it, sometimes it can be a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Like if you went from and Intel Core i5 to an i7 but had the same clock speed or didn't read what Generation you were getting, just because the number moves from i5 to i7 doesn't necessarily mean that the i7 will boast more performance for you.

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Wow, that sounds like comfortable Living Conditions.

Yes, that's true.

Would You want to go to AM5 or stay on AM4?

On AM5 You could maybe use:

  • Ryzen 7800X3D or 7600X
  • MSI B650m Gaming Plus Wifi Mainboard or a Gigabyte B650m Gaming X AX
    (I personally like the Gigabyte B650 m Aorus Elite AX Ice, but that is way much more want than need in my Case, haha!)
  • Graphics ... Sapphire Radeon RX 7600XT, 7700XT or 7800XT.

Depending on your VR Usage maybe the 7800X3D and the 7700XT/7800XT could be a good Solution.

Yeah it's only because I often keep a bit of money on the side, so like I my money split between Bills, Subscriptions, Savings, Go-Crazy-Money so that I know if bills ever cost more I can just move some out of my savings towards that, same with subscriptions, my Go-Crazy-Money won't ever change from where it's at currently since I don't ever go crazy with my money anyways so that's just technically at least at the moment money that's also just being accumulated and saved :slight_smile:

I'd probably go AM5 tbh since I do want to be on the edge of the latest side in all fairness.

That sounds good, I'll have to look at those.

I'll take a look at all of those, I've seen Gigabyte boards in action and so I believe that if 1 or more people are pleased with Gigabyte's boards then why not go for one even if it's slightly more expensive at least I know I'm spending it on something that is decent, will get the job done with no complaints (I hope lol)

Ooh some really good choices there, I'd say most likely the 7800XT because of Virtual Reality and whatnot.

Oh hell yeah that sounds awesome, would make a wonderful build for sure :slight_smile:

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If you are not in a Hurry You could wait until the new Ryzen 9000's (or however they will be called) and new Chipsets are presented. I've read that this could come in June. But even then these Components here are not bad either.

I'm not in a hurry at all, tbh I'm just waiting for a game to drop that my current PC can't run or until I'm annoyed at my PC enough to want a new one. I think most likely though it'll be when a game drops that my current PC can't play, that game most likely will be Grand Theft Auto VI when that releases but I guess I'll have to find out :slight_smile:

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If your Hardware isn't too old and have Driver Support that shouldn't be too problematic.

Yes, I'm exited to this! I was ... pretty happy as the first Trailer cames, haha! But I play on Console, so I don't have this Hardware Issue - fortunately. But till GTA comes there is more than enough Time.

Oh yeah all my hardware still has driver support so I'm good on that front for now until the drivers get dropped.

Yess I'm so excited too, I know Rockstar are going to tease us and drop an absolute banger like they always do, I loved GTA IV and GTA V, and now we're just months away from seeing GTA VI. Well I say months it's more like a year and a couple of months but yeah omg the trailer was AWESOME, and I too play on Console every now and then, I play on the good Xbox Series S since I didn't need a Series X although I wish I had went with the Series X now since storage for the Series S is just yikes. 512 GB is not great. Also yeah so true and GTA VI won't be dropping on PC anyways for the first few months or even years so I'll have plenty of time :slight_smile:

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The opposite can also bite. If hardware is too new, you could be looking for a linux kernel other than that version associated with the distro. And/or having to hunt for new drivers that may or may not have been done for linux.

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Ooh wow, I completely forgot about the Linux Kernels and stuff, that's so true, damn I guess I'd have to look deep and think hard when I make my choice, all this stuff that I'm being told I'm writing down btw because it'll be very handy to know, I'm also a forgetful person lol, misplace things all the time unless it's digital so I'm ensuring that I know about all this before I make that mistake :slight_smile:

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If You would need a newer Kernel, You could use the Mainline Tool. It is a Program to install other/newer Kernels. The good Point is: it is a graphical Interface. But that is something for the Case You really need it.

That's a good call, I'll keep that in mind thanks, it'll make my life a lot easier when I do finally switch to full AMD :slight_smile:

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