Zorin OS Pro 2 day download in Western Australia

Guys, why am I getting 60K download speeds from Pro download link in Western Australia. Surely you can convince some uni to host a mirror for the download? In the mean time I'm just going to download Mint instead.

With Zorin OS, Linux Mint or any other distro, download speeds can vary depending on that moment of demand or traffic. Sometimes it is slow and sometimes it is fast.
Because of testing, I do a lot of .iso downloading. Whenever I see a slow speed like that, I usually cancel, then retry about ten minutes later or so.


GNANAPAVAN, and I'm Pavan :grin::wave:. By the way, you can change server on Software and Updates > Download from: > Main Server. If you're good at tweaking connection settings, then you can check them by clicking on your tray icons container > click the active connection > Wired Network Settings for ethernet, Wi-Fi Settings for Wi-Fi or hotspot > click the gear button :gear: > tweak. Since I chose Main Server I have a good download speed.

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Good advise. Tried an hour later and it's doing about 3MB/s which is my usual download speed. Cheers!

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