Zorin os Pro license transfer


I saw the announcement of Zorin Os Pro and it looks good!

I own a Zorin OS Ultimate license but is it possible to transfer the lisence to Pro?

Thanks for the response!

Welcome to the forum. Thank you for choosing to support the Zorin OS project.

The general idea on Zorin OS Ultimate (Now called Pro) is that the release of a New Version requires a new purchase for the new version.
This makes sense... The ZorinGroup consists of two people providing all development and support. It is not a large organization with lots of sponsorship.
If all who chose Zorin Ultimate (Pro) could transfer that over to the next version, then the funding that keeps the project going would effectively come to a halt.

It's a bit like buying a car. When a New Model comes out, you cannot go pick it up from the dealership for free just because you bought the previous version.

When you consider the shady means that many companies use to gather funding (usually from outside advertisers) while offering "Free Upgrades", it really makes choosing Zorin OS Pro a safer and less costly route.


It's also understandable when you consider how other OS developers, like Q4OS, struggle for support when they offer their top tier product for minimal donation cost at the user's discretion. I've enjoyed using Q4OS for several years now and have "purchased" updates from them over the years. However, I'm speculating that they don't get very many people purchasing their downloads. So, it's always nice to hear about people, who can afford to do so, making that all important financial contribution to which ever Linux project they enjoy.

It's great that Zorin allows me to try out their OS (Lite) at no cost and with no built in handicaps. The jury is still out for me on whether or not I'll become a paying customer, even if I stick with just using the Lite version. But, my experience with them so far has been good and a close second to Q4OS.

Both operating systems will soon be releasing their next version (Zorin OS 16 and Q4OS Gemini). With my limited resources, I can only purchase one. Although both operating system are close, I really like my Trinity desktop environment... it would be difficult for me not to have it.

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Though you get a discount to Z16 Pro if you purchase a license to Z15 Ultimate.


Thanks for the reminder @davidb_sk . Q4OS is working like nothing else can on my old beater. After testing them out, I need to throw them that suggested donation I passed by on the initial download.

For my newer machine where I do the bulk of my work, I am in love with this thing called Zorin.