Zorin OS resolution bug? / Zorin OS 17.1

Hi community, I've been using Zorin OS for a few months now and I have a big problem that is bothering me.

When I go into the settings, my resolution is 2160x1440. When I use it with 150% zoom, there is no problem, but I want to lower it and when I choose other options, there are gaps on the edges of the screen.

Also, when I use 2160x1440, my resolution maxes out at 1440x900 in games and my screen looks pixel by pixel, so I'm probably not even using 2160x1440.

I've tried the following guides and x11 and I'll let you know why they don't work:

1.guide (it only works in xorg and when I select it in settings my screen goes black and when it comes back my screen is back to 2k).

2.guide (my screen goes black)

In the settings it shows that I use 3:2 but I am not sure about that either, when I was in windows some games were full screen in 16:10, some in 3:2 and some in 16:9.

Thank you very much to anyone who can help.

Could You tell us Your Hardware Specs and what Drivers do You have installed?

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My device: Huawei Matebook 14 4.generation Ryzen 5 4600H-8Gb-512Gb Ssd

and my drivers are the drivers that are installed by default

Is there an extra Graphics Card or does it run with the Ryzen 4600H?