Zorin OS stuck on black screen

Hello after I installed zorin os which took 2hours to install and everytime I try to boot into zorin os I am met with a black screen and I absolutely do not want to reinstall zorin os today cuz it took 2HOURS literally

My laptop specs
Amd radeon 3050e
igpu amd radeon vega 2
4gb ram

Good day

Confirm is it on the reboot when it starts up? Gets stuck on BIOS Image? I see similar issues mentioned throughout the forum over last year or two and I had similar issue and managed to get it working strangely.

What version of Zorin OS are you using?

Yes it is on the reboot when it starts up

and the version is 16.2

I just reinstalled zorin os now it takes awhile then it shows initramsfs error and when i try to do the fsck command it says fsck not found also when i do blkid
it shows mostly windows partitions and 1 linux partition which the type is vfat

Alright so its no longer stuck on the black screen anymore?

For me, I was having a similar issue (stuck on startup boot screen zorin os) and forums have several similar issues with the BIOS Post Image stuck screen.

I am still new to Linux as a noob user but have used Linux on and off for the last 10 years for Server hosting. Much prefer Linux today especially where it has come today versus Win11.

Are you installing OS on separate drives, same drive? Dual booting?

Sorry for the questions - helps us try and figure out more or less how to respond in assisting.

Also, please post your specs of your machine here so we can better guide you here as the community. :slight_smile:

Im dual booting and separate drives

Let us know how things are going. Install via USB on separate drive, preferably an SSD, ensure secure boot disabled in BIOS/UEFI settings and you should be good to go.

The question should have been "which edition of ZorinOS 16.2 are you using ?", e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc. Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate that, as it will help us help you in the future.

If new to Zorin or Linux, some basic pre-installation advice can be found here: Before you install

Haha yes you are correct although my think my point was made :stuck_out_tongue: to the user in question. Blame it on me coming from the dark side of Windows most of my life and Linux being more of a server OS for my server hosting over the last 8 years decided to make a full come back to Linux full time, enjoying the different distros available. Mint and Zorin are amongst my favourited followed right now. :slight_smile:


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