Zorin OS: The Distro that Opened the Door to linux for me

It has been almost 6 months since I've tried Zorin OS for the first time. I remember sitting on my bed, thinking over and over about installing a Linux distro. I was using Win 10 back then. I had the fear of messing it up and losing all my files and my Windows installation. But I dared to take the leap. And that changed how I looked at an os in general. Before I installed Zorin, I only used my laptop to attend my online classes. I never really did much customization to the os I was using. I felt that the options available to me where limited. I felt that without using third-party apps, I never really could do much customization to windows.

When I launched Zorin in live USB, it felt really amazing. It looked so better than my Windows. I quickly checked if all the things especially my camera was working and installed Zorin. I was impressed with Zorin. When I discovered that you could download themes from the internet and apply it in your device, I got so amazed that I texted my best friend about it (lol). I never thought that this much customization was even possible. But later I discovered that it was just the tip of the iceberg. There was so much more things I could do with it and the customizability is insane. You can even have a cat chasing your mouse around on your screen.

Zorin comes with most apps I use. I only used software store in the beginning. Later I discovered that using the terminal was faster and had more apps than software store did. Later I switched to xfce from gnome. That made my laptop even faster and gave me even more customizability.

I once installed Solus and used it for a few days and then I decided to come back to Zorin. And while deleting the Solus partition I messed things up and deleted the windows partition with it. And it ended up being a good thing. If that hadn't happened back then I would have continued to dual boot windows forever. Later I installed Z16 lite. And that decreased my boot time a lot. It used to be something like 1 minutes and 30 seconds. And now it is around 40 seconds. That is fast for the specs of my laptop.

Overall, Zorin made my laptop look better, perform better and introduced me to the world of linux. I cannot end this post without saying about the forum and the helpful members. I wouldn't have lasted long in the world of linux without you guys. Thank you to everyone in this forum and thank you to the devs for making such a good os.
Thank you for reading.


You are one of those helpful members.
Thanks for being a part of this place, helping others and keeping the forum a great place to be.


Yeah, cause Windows only lets you change the background wallpaper. Linux let's you change everything.

Plus, Linux is so much more secure then Windows it's funny how bad Windows is...

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We've all been there. Part of our whole existence in life, is telling people what Linux even is! :joy:

I'm glad you've enjoyed Zorin OS.


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