Zorin os to windows server

How to connect to a server from Zorin os 16 System? There's no password for Server fixed Yet. Windows PC it is by giving sharing etc "on". Once you do this, Server appears in Network and you go to particular directory shared and then to that particular file.

How to do this Zorin os?

If you are doing a fresh install then this works:

Join Active Directory / LDAP - Zorin Help.

If you just want to connect to a share, then just use the file manager and connect to the share name: smb://ip/sharename.

Good luck!

Are you connecting to a remote server via Web (Edge)? Or a server you have setup? When you login to a secure website to access Server in order for you to login it downloads an .exe file. In my case it was a file called cpub.exe. Remmina Remote is part of Zorin OS (I had to install it on Devuan), and all I had to do was point Remmina to the cpub.exe file after which I created a desktop shortcut to launch the login box where I entered my usernsme, password, server domain name. Just one login to access Server Resources without the need of Browser, which under Windows required me to enter my credentials three times!

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