Zorin os unable to install on usb (RST related problems)

I'm new to Linux and wanted to give zorin OS a try. So I want to install the OS on my usb, but it says I need to disable Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology). I want to install on my usb, which obviously does not have RST, so how can I get around this? I heard you can disable it through bios or regedit, but I'm afraid I'll lose my data on the drive. Is there any alternative method to install Zorin OS without deactivating RST and installing it on my USB?

Not really sure why you're trying to install Zorin on a USB you also have files on..

I did a simple Google search and came up with this on your RST.

Why do you think you need to have this intel software turned on and need to get around it? Do you know what it does and is?

You should have created a partition to put Zorin onto in your HDD using the Windows partition utility. Make sure fast boot and secure boot are off.

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