Zorin OS update problem

Ok. Can you how to untick it from the source list ?

You could try switch to different server. You do that under Software & Updates

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Software Center --> Burger menu --> Software & Updates.

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Earlier the best server according to my location was selected. I switched to the Main Server. But again their is Error while refreshing cache.
I am with you, please help me.

Here it is:


sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt update
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I'm offline now, so if it doesn't work I'll be back later.

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Hey it worked out.

I just experimented by ticking the package earlier unticked, it gain showed the error. So, I again unticked it, the error vanished.

Error - Hash Sum Mismatch

Thank You so much for solving the problem.

Now, I just want to know what is the problem with that package and will I miss some updates since I unticked it.

Nope, the updates comes from a different repositories.

Means the app updates.
Then it was unnecessarily on ?

Is it the Zorin/apps repository you unticked? You may check software center to see if all the software is available.

Unticked the one you have told in this

Have I unticked the correct one ?

You could try later like next week to tick it again, to see if they fix the problem. What I'm pondering is it say Metadata is not yet available, which means it can be their servers that aren't synchronized with the rest.

What is rest here ?

Yes I think there is some server issue. It has been their from past few weeks

Is your PC getting the updates from this repository?

which means it can be their servers that aren't synchronized with the others.

I am really sorry, but their servers are not synchronised with?

Hey Guys, I ticked it and it now just works.

Thank you so much Storm!

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