Zorin OS upgrade path

Will Zorin OS 16 have an upgrade path to 17 this time i am little worried that it won't because they said before it should have a upgrade path from 15 to 16 before and i don't know how many clean installs my machine can take?

No one knows yet, other than the Zorin brothers.

Which are the Zorin brother's?

The two brothers who made Zorin OS.

The best is surprise if we don't know what is there.
Check and install.
This is little tricky like a buying a cat in a poke. :slight_smile:

A very large number.
If you are using an older SSD, this may be a minor concern due to limitations on SSD read / write cycles - but even so , pretty minor since daily use would affect it just the same.
You might be more worried about your wits reaching their end than the drive.


My machine began to act little odd last time i upgraded from an USB from Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 16?

No need for an upgrade, what is a slow and load for handling on the SSD or HDD, but more time now for a fresh clean new install of Zorin 17 (if it comes out ).
So make sure you'll have backup possibilities so a fresh install goes slim without problems of forgotten files or pictures.

Zorin 17 is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS what is a major improvement in the timelaps of Ubuntu. Lots of changes, lots of upgrades, much more stability and an upgraded Gnome version with lots of bug-fixes.

So clean install, will give you the best enjoyment of Zorin.

Do you think they are lying with the Zorin OS 17 direct upgrade :sob: ?

Why would they lie ?

I think we can all readily accept that they wouldn't.

A Direct Release Upgrade is already available in Ubuntu. And POP_OS devs adapted it to work on POP_OS. It was a large and time consuming undertaking. Fortunately, POP_OS devs are a large group of people.
The Ubuntu Direct Upgrade is set up for Ubuntu and sources Ubuntu. There is much to be done to source to the Zorin Repositories, test and ensure that it will reliably work, minimize bugs and more - due to it not being an easy recovery if it goes wrong.

The Announced Direct Release Upgrade for Zorin OS is a big ticket and high pressure item. One I believe that the ZorinGroup really needs to be more communicative about.
But they have no reason to mislead or misrepresent the truth as it would be counter productive.

And while The Direct Upgrade has seemed ephemeral so far...
We must also look to the Zorin OS history to see that they have a very strong record of delivering what they promise.


As well as hearing feedback and feature requests with nary a word, but evidenced by the next release or update.