Zorin OS with a urkainien keyboard. See Emmabuntus

Hi, I am José from France.

I am about to install Zorin OS on an old Laptop and I would like to set up in ukrainian with a ukrainian keyboard as proposed by Emmabuntus.

This is a new experience for me, I am on Ubuntu.

Do not hesitate to comments

José from France :).

As Zorin is based on Ubuntu 20.04, does this guide help?

Gday @jre10 ,
Goto, settings/Language and Region/Manage Installed Languages.
You will be prompted with, "Language support is not installed completely" Run the Install. ( this can take some time)

Once this is done,
On the "Language Support" window.
Click " Install/Remove Languages"
Scroll to Ukrainian
Double click Ukrainian & "Apply"
Reboot pc.
Hope this helps,
The following link explains this procedure,
In Step#2. Follow my instruction's Above.

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