Zorin OS with Nvidia driver live session

Hi all,

2 weeks ago i live booted zorin os, i got the question to load with nvidia drivers. When i have chosen that option the live would not boot while i have a nvidia card. Is this a bug ? I have a geforce gtx 1070

I am talking about this part:

Unless you have a problem booting, it is recommended to boot without Nvidia driver. I think that option you have selected was for people with the latest Nvidia card who might have a problem booting with a buili-in Nouveau driver.

You can install Nvidia driver after installing Zorin OS itself.


Yes i know about that, thought it might be a bug or somethin because the 1070 is using the latest drivers out there.

I made a topic to manually install nvidia :sweat_smile:

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The 1000 series was removed from support in either the 450 or 460 driver, meeting eol. The latest is the nvidia 470, that I've seen, and wouldn't support your card. It would be best to boot using safe graphics and during the install or after, switch to your supported nvidia driver.

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Was it?
I am still using GTX1050 with Nvidia driver.

I may be mistaken but i read it in an artical that nvidia was dropping support for the 1000 series. Star trekker also mentioned somewhere on here. I'll investigate.

Still on sale at Nvidia site:

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Nvidia didnt drop support, go to the nvidia site and look for driver support. The older gtx 8xx series and lower have been dropped.

I thought i had posted this here, but it was relevant in the other a topic i think.

It was my mistake.

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So is it a issue on zorins live ?.

No... it is an issue with Ubuntu, which zorin is based. We may have to wait for a fix from Ubuntu.

I do not think so.
As I said, you need to boot with integrated open source driver. Nvidia driver can be installed after OS itself is installed.

Oops, do you think so?
I'd better take my words back then :sweat_smile:

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Try the first option and worry about the graphics drivers later. Read through the link i just posted and it provides a solution. Here:

Guys i already have zorin installed. But why is that option there if it does not work ??? I thought i would report it, maybe a bug in the iso i thought.

That menu is from the live cd (in OP). That is why we thought you haven't installed. This menu shouldn't be coming up on an installed version.

You may need to remove your version and try the solution in the link i posted. Updates could possibly be a pain if you maintain a manually installed driver.

I like to experiment a bit, i am new to linux and want to learn a bit. Will see how it go's in future updates.

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The option is there because the Live Medium is a generic set of drivers aimed at Universal Fit. With the Live Medium, you are not running a fully installed system.
Intel is well supported in Linux, with the graphics drivers embedded in the kernel. So falling back to the Intel graphics is the best way to run the Live Medium. Once installed, then the proper Nvidia graphics drivers can be installed.
The option is there in case the proper Nvidia Drivers are among those included in the Live Medium. You have several options in order to ensure you can find one that works.
Given the above, you can see how you cannot assume that they would all work, as that would remove the need for having the options.

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