Zorin OS16

How is OS16 different from the previous OS15 version?

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Zorin OS 16 has a newer kernel version (5.11), has a new theme, more stable and the 'Pro' edition has more layouts, and familiar to Windows and Mac OS users.

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I would opine that on Zorin OS 16 Core (Gnome), the ZorinGroup went above and beyond to mesh in a large number of Gnome_Extensions to add a lot of user-friendly access to the desktop, increasing user control over things like the panel (taskbar) and user access to information - like the addition of a Sources button in Gnome-Software (The Software store).
In core, I would consider Zorin 16 to be a huge leap forward from previous Zorin OS's.

In Zorin OS 16 Lite (XFCE), the differences are more subtle and harder to spot. Zorin 16 Lite uses XFCE 4.16 which has had some pretty big changes from 4.14 that was used in Zorin 15 Lite.


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