Zorin partition separated into 2 different partitions. Intended?

Hey there guys!

I'm just wondering if this is the intended behaviour that Zorin is installed into 2 different partitions? I had to reinstall Zorin from scratch and it separated the OS partition into "Filesystem" and "Extended" partition and I'm a bit worried that I messed up somewhere :frowning:

FYI: I entirely wiped the drive beforehand and there was nothing on it. Hence, I'm wondering even more why it created a "partition 2" and a "partition 5"? There was nothing on the drive (Please see the attached screenshot).

Please also note, that I'm using this machine for a media server and had to reinstall, re-generate and re-order thousands of items from it and it would be super exhausting if I had to do it all again, for the 3rd time. So I'd be very happy if someone would tell me that this is just fine :joy:

Best wishes and have a great day!

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Yes thats normal, 1 is swap and 1 is your os installation.

If i am not wrong the small sized one installed the bootloader aka grub

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Oh thank you so much Michel, I'm very relieved now :pray: Thought there might have been issues when installing and I would have to do another clean install :smiley: Many thenk :slight_smile:

Windows does do the same, they also reserve alot of mbs for their bootloader.

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I see. I was just also confused why it would pick those numbers for the partitions (2 and 5). Thought it might've messed up, thank you very much for the clarification then :slight_smile:

Here is mine: https://imgur.com/hh8sNyc.png

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