Zorin, please let me Go

a few days ago, for first time i decided to install linux on my laptop and found Zorin distro, so i installed it, first i wanna say it really is good looking but i had many trouble with it and i decide go back again to my lovley win11, but my laptop no longer recognize my bootable usb flash driver, i think its Zorin or linux or somthing blocks my usb driver, in bios settings i set boot option to usb but after click on save and exit and then restart a blue page appears like;

:warning:this image is not mine but i have same.
please help me, what is wrong?

Did You had that in Dual Boot?

I wonder if this is something you'd see if your grub bootloader was installed on the win11 efi partition when you tried zorin out. Seems like since installing zorin and trying to remove it, your windows install no longer remembers where the bootloader image is. You will have to help it remember. Some laptops have the option to go into their UEFI file structures and select bootable media from them (I can).

If you can't get into your UEFI folders during boot to browse for, and select the old windows bootloader, you might just be better off doing a recovery. If you didn't back things up, a reinstall of windows with your PC manufacturer's rescue/recovery USB/disk, or your windows installation media.

Does this mean you're trying to boot your windows 11 from a bootable USB?

I would think that if you were just trying zorin, that's the only USB you would need. If you didn't like it, you'd stop using the USB stick and just boot into windows like you normally did before. In other words, there really shouldn't be any need to have a USB inserted to run windows.

What you are seeing there is the Windows Recovery partition.
This is not something Zorin OS nor any GnuLinux distro controls. It is placed there under contract by manufacturers when installing Windows OS.

Did you overwrite Windows OS when you installed Zorin OS?

i dont know what is dual boot, just did the same i do everytime that i want to install new OS, i use rufus to bootable the usb.

im just trying to boot usb to install win11 ,usb is bootable with rufus.

Dual Boot in this Case means that Windows is installed and that You install Zorin beside Windows on Your HDD, SSD or M.2. To test a System this is a good Way. But when I understand that right You have You have completely installed Zorin over Windows 11 at the first Time?

yes i installed Zoron instead of Win11, now i have just Zorin on my laptop.

Okay. But why is there the Recovery Mode ... I have an Idea but I don't know if You can do this because You need a PC for that. But I will explain it:

Use the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. It is made to create a bootable USB-Stick for Windows. It downloads and creats the Stick. Maybe that works better. Go to this Site and choose the Option ''Create Windows 11 Installation Media''. I used this Tool in the Past for Win10 and it works good for me. I hope for You too.

If You have created the Stick put it in Your Laptop and turn it on and go directly in the BIOS and start from there the Stick. For me that works in the Past; I had no Problems to install it this Way.

first i thought the problem is my usb but its bootable with Zorin and i tested it on my pc and its ok and when i booted pc with Z os it goes for install menu, why my laptop cant boot it ?its asus vivobook 15,

Have you checked your BIOS boot options list. Can that see the specific Win11 USB ?

i'm installing win10 right now, i tried Zorin and wi10 and both of them are fine but usb with win11 is not recognized and i think that still somthing is about Zorin or Linux.

A little bit weird. But when You have installed Win10 You can upgrade to Win11. It's a Detour but then You have it.

Beware the X - Y problem. Troubleshooting is best served by examining actual faults rather than jumping to assumptions.

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Pretty sure the reason is because the recovery partition is separate from the windows partition. If @mamadch chose to install zorin on the partition occupied by the windows installation, it's a distinct possibility that the windows recovery partition still exists after that operation. When the OP got rid of zorin and tried to boot into windows (not there anymore), the recovery partition was activated, allowing the user to recover an un-bootable windows situation. Now it's looking like the only OS which the OP has access to, is zorin.

Additionally, highly recommend @mamadch grabs their recovery media for windows if they have it. It sounds like you deleted everything on your windows partition so there won't be anything you'd want to try recovering. That said, it could help if you use the recovery media and perform a system recovery to factory if you can. If you can't, the combination of actions involving overwriting windows and installing it again means you would be performing a fresh install of windows anyway, so that's always an option for you as well - to reinstall windows with a disk or other media. If you did back things up, recover the operating system first with a reinstall, then perform restoration procedures as necessary.


I have a hybrid SSD/HDD on on my Windows machine and the Recovery partition is separate and not on on the same drive, so would not be deleted if the WindowsOS was deleted. OP may have something similar, hence Windows Recovery appearing, but no Windows files remaining.

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