Zorin Pro 16.3 - Mouse Issues


I have Zorin 16.3 Pro on a Dell Latitude E6420 laptop.

My mouse functionality is unacceptable. It moves around (a lot!). As one example, I was typing text in a cell in libreCalc and all of a sudden, the text was selected and deleted. I have no clue as to why and never had this (and other) behavior issues with Mac OS. (Just now, it went into libreCalc and deleted the contents in a cell - I have no idea why it did so.)

Maximizes the window. Invokes activity just by being in a position without my intervention. Just makes my experience miserable.

Is there a way to improve things or do I need to move on to another distro?

Is this a USB connected or Wireless mouse - or the trackpad on the notebook computer?

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I do all mouse activity with the trackpad and the left button that is behind it.

From your description, it sounds like the sensitivity and speed are too high for your use case by the default settings.
Have you tried adjusting the settings in the Zorin Settings Panel?

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Hey thanks. I reduced mouse speed a lot. Can you show me where the sensitivity can be adjusted?

If you are not seeing any sensitivity settings, you may need to install Synaptics drivers:

Come to think of it (and this just occurred to me), it's not the mouse or trackpad.

The intrusions all happen while I am typing. The cursor jumps around like crazy when I am not using the mouse.

You can try one of these suggestions:

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