ZOrin PRO 16 kernelpanic

Didn’t work

Those options are not relevant since the chip was disabled.

Still kernel panic? (Maybe it is because it already DID kernel panic...)

Since this is a Fresh Install of Zorin OS... the simplest route would be to leave TPM enabled and try re-installing Zorin OS.
Here is bug report on it pre 5.4 kernel

If you are able to install Zorin with TPM enabled - that would suggest that the 5.11 kernel you are using is patched to operate with TPM.
If you are unable to install, then that would suggest the kernel cannot operate with TPM and we are back to square one :expressionless:

I’ll try an new install, but the security chip was not enabled before and zorin 15 worked fine so did 16 until this morning.

You could be on totally the right track and that TPM is not the actual cause or issue.
As noted in bug report above - ima TPM communication failure can cause kernel panic... Your screenshot in the O.P. has some glare from the screen and on my monitor it is hard to make out the line directly below it. I think init failed to execute.
That would suggest an initramfs error and with no clues to go in to try to suss that out...

TPM is the current Best Guess.

If you would like to try something before re-installing: You can hold left shift key at boot (Or tap it furiously) and enter the recovery menu. Run fsck first, then drop to prompt and hit enter, then enter in sudo update-initramfs
Once done try booting up.
But if something messed up init and if it was not TPM failure - then a reinstallation may have been your best course on such a new install anyway.

I’m reinstalling now, I just had to make a backup of my file structure, since I sorted it like I wanted last night. I left the tpm on for now… thanks for your help btw.

Yes, sorry for all the trouble. I've done my fair share of back up and reinstall over time.
Sometimes, a good solution is not found and we make the best of it we can. And keep alert for better solutions in future.

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I had the same problem. The system was working fine. I made an update and the system didn't boot, I got the same kernel panic screen. I reinstalled the system and it got back to work. I update the system and again, same error. It's kind of anoying, I liked Zorin but I have no clue how to solve it and if it persist I'll have to turn back to another distro :frowning: