Zorin pro being pirated

Zorin Pro is on teamos being pirated.


Looking over the site, a certain Hypocrisy becomes clear:

Admin comment to Pirate while promoting pirate in forum rank:

"You been working hard and are now Uploader.. "

Pirate reply:

"Thanks mate. Honestly, I was working towards my 400 posts to apply for uploader. I see hard work does get appreciated."

Am I missing some part of reality here?

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WOW, it just never stops does it? The Zorin team have got their work cut out for them, thats for sure. :angry:

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I saw it in a Persian pirate software website today too.
Unfortunately, there is no copyright law in my country :frowning:

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I don't understand they have a free Zorin Core and stealing hard work from people who created Pro. I don't know it must be a nightmare,selfish.
https://getintopc.com/ here also Pro

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I feel for Zorin OS support team. It always surprises me when people who are not associated with a product credit the work of Zorin OS to them when the pirate did not create Zorin OS, Zorin OS created Zorin OS. Hence is why I know that Zorin OS does have legal options to fight this. One avenue they could pursue is using their DMA rights (Digital Market Area) and take the pirate to court if they do not comply with the copyright violation that the pirate is obviously ignoring in this case. That step consists of a lot other steps but that is the general direction I would pursue in court if someone pirated my work as a developer. If Zorin OS needs more help...feel free to reach out to me.

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I agree. Pirates destroy and steal work that's not theirs. Zorin Group will now have to spend precious resources defending their code when those resources could of been spent on devloping the OS. What pirates don't care about sadly, and need to realize when they steal work of others and try to pass it off as their own they not only hurt themselves credibility wise, but also the community and the developer who created the software in the first place. It's never okay to steal code and this pirate needs to be held accountable for the irreparable damage he/she caused to the community and the developer for Zorin OS as a whole.

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For the themes I put forth, I include in the gnu license:
"- Only for personal desktop use

  • If you want to alter this and release it, that's what keeps creativity and theming alive, baby. Just don't charge money for it."

Often, I am quite supportive of Open Source meaning; Use, Modify, Distribute.
I have noticed that the ZorinGroup is, as well.

But there is a difference between Open Source and Freedom... And Free.

Knowingly taking a pay-for product and distributing it (for free, even) does not make the pirate a "Robin Hood." Zorin is not the villain and they are not the plucky hero.
Zorin OS is not robbing anyone. Zorin OS is Free Of Charge. The Pro version is a pay-for product because it is a want, not a need, that users can enjoy while supporting development.
Because the ZorinGroup does this Full time.

If they are not getting paid... Why should they make Zorin OS?
HOW can the make Zorin OS if they are not getting paid?
Would any of those pirates work for free? (Hint: No.)

In looking at the threads to the links posted; I saw many comments thanking the pirates that posted a (supposed) free copy of Zorin OS Pro... for their hard work in doing so.
Really... That was hard work? Talk about adding insult to injury.

What makes it so disturbing is that with a little know-how, most users can turn a copy of Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite into Pro. So, they are not really doing anyone any kind of service. They are only doing a disservice to the developer.


There are more criminals than heroes in this virtual world.
The Internet has two sides face.
As we have seen, not only Zorin is robbed but many other film producers, musicians, computer and gaming software.
Would those sites that distribute pro get a penalty and pay for distributing Copyright?
I wish to Zorin Group earned on this version and to make it more popular.
I don't understand youtube that it shows videos that break copyright law.

I think it is because greed also has a two-sided face.

Consumers are tired of corporate greed; being charged as much as 300% to 2000% mark-up on goods.
Consumers are tired of corporate greed disseminating personal information and selling our data, turning us into a commodity.

This encourages piracy. The pirates will not discriminate between one company and another or only target businesses whose ethics are questionable. They just take. Just like the greedy corporation does.

The general human condition is:

Me first.

It's not very smart from the OP to post where to get the pro version. Many people can download it for free now if they want.

There should be no issue with anyone posting links here because this thread is being monitored by the Zorin Group, addressing each and removing the links as they go. I do understand your view, but if anyone on this forum would use this information to bypass supporting the development of Zorin os, they deserve all that befalls them.

I like to believe that we all agree that this os deserves the support and wouldn't deprive the devs of their hard earned share.


I would like to point out and I know this because I spent the 39$ to get the pro version that its not free, The software that is available in the Zorin OS Pro can be downloaded from the Zorin OS Core, Lite and Education versions, but if you want to use a authenticated and legit version of Zorin OS Pro you have to donate 39$ to get it. I know this because I did this myself. Which is a small price to pay for a great OS considering Microsoft Windows is going for well over 100$ on the Microsoft Store Site. So I just want everyone to be clear on this. The software is available for free but if you want everything pre-bundled in Zorin OS Pro 16 than 39$ is donation fee that is charged. And please visit the Zorn OS official web site to get download because non legit website developers are great at fooling people by creating sites that may look official, but are not the actually official site made by the official developer.

In fact for everyones reference here's the official download link to get Zorin OS Pro 16 for 39$ (USD currency format will convert to your currency).

Oh and I would like to add it comes with installation support included for one person. I can say as Zorin OS Pro user myself its worth it and the 39$ goes to support further development of Zorin OS in general.


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Pirated Versions are getting UPDATED and Ppl are leaving after a horrible non-Zorin experience

it is getting scary, HOW are they updating pirated Pro-Isos
To my shame, I did try one in a VM and to my knowledge, it seemed like they did the update in a VM, not the OS, and wrapped it all as an updated version of Zorin-Pro which will damage your reputation because this process will more often than not result in a corrupted iso that either will throw ppl off by not installing correctly or a buggy, laggy OS that will be one's only taste of Zorin OS

Almost all of the Iranian Software websites are putting up a Zorin-Pro iso, they never put up any Linux distro. one step removed are our comrades in Russia responsible; not Russiagating, certain private Russian websites proudly presented the 1st version 6 hours after the official release

Why would someone do this, my own experience

First off IM SO ASHAMED every single Persian dl website have uploaded it
And I mean 20, 30 major ones... We can't buy swear to god there is no way for transactions, otherwise, the concept of violating Copyright is a super important religious matter. What is owed to God can be forgiven BUT What is owed to people must be Paid in full, 1 cent of unforgiven debt to a person is a greater sin than all that is related to God

But blocked transactions aside there's this insane math...

I will try to explain the real COST VALUE of spending 40$
It's all related and in the end, you will be mind blown.
I have an Intel CPU worth 600$ right now in the U.S.
I can sell this in our domestic market for about 3mT
I found a 3rd party website to pay 40$ for a One-Time payment license for some software.
1st, I have to pay 1.5mT for opening a digital account (real money or PayPal or..)
2nd, I had to pay 0.5 as their "fee"
3rd: here comes the farcical part, 1$ = 30T + exchange rate 35T so 40$=1420T or 1.4mT
Sum: (1.5+5)mT as one-time-payment+1.4mT= 3.4mT
Actual Value of 600$ CPU in here < 40$ get it?
600$ = 8 units of Intel i7gen8
it's just... incomprehensible


Not gonna lie, I pirate a lot of movies or shows, my parents wouldn't allow me to buy Netflix or any other streaming service.

I just go to Pirate Bay and install a .torrent and install it with QB Torrent or Transmission.

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tnq bro/sis 20 years of computer experience, I dont know fqall about forums. HATED THEM from the start