Zorin Screen Glitch (Zorin Os Core)

Hey, I installed zorin os core a little while ago, I realized that there are some glitchs on my screen, I've searched about it and I haven't found anything, someone go up what is this or how to solve it? (this screenshot is where it is most visible, but it doesn't happen only in minecraft and sorry my bad english)[2021-09-04_14.01.12|690x387]

Are you using Nvidia Graphics card?

Hi fubo, welcome to the forum.

Would you mind sharing your version of Zorin, computer make and model, and the video card make and model?

For future reference, Zorin is based on Ubuntu.
Zorin 16 : Ubuntu 20.04, Zorin 15.3 : Ubuntu 18.04

Hi harvey, im using Zorin os core 16, my cpu is a Intel core i3 with integrated gpu so, intel hd graphics.

no, im usinga cpu with integrated video, so intel hd graphics

Would you open software updater, click settings on the bottom left, then choose the other drivers tab at the top right of the next window and tell us what driver is in use.

It may take a minute to load.

I'm sorry for anything I do wrong, as I'm a lay linux user.
Well, I don't know if I went to the right tab (I don't think so) because it kind of didn't show up any driver, here's a screenshot


Hi, is your fractional scaling on?

Hi, no i dont turn on my fractional scaling

I didn't think it was driver related, but started there.

Close those windows, open the app menu and choose settings. Click the display settings, fractional scaling will be there about mid window.

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Without you hitting the y key to proceed,
what does sudo apt install -y xserver-xorg* yield run from your terminal?

I turned on and restarted my computer, but still the glitchs continue


I'm sorry, I messed that up:

well, installed normally...

Was it already installed? Or did it just now install?

install now

I see.
Please reboot and test graphics.

I restarted my computer, and the glitchs continue